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Six year old KG pupil hiked the tallest mountain in West Africa

What seems highly impossible to some fully grown men with strong muscles looks like an early morning tea to young Adabla Edudzi, a KG1 female pupil of Wuxor D/A Basic School in the Akatsi South District of the Volta region.

On Thursday, July 12 2018, the staff and pupils of Wuxor D/A Basic School embarked on an educational tour to explore the tourism potentials of the Volta region.

The management of the school made it an obligation to take students on educational tours at the end of every academic year and this year too is of no exception. Over the years the school has made visits to many tourist sites and state institutions across the country. Among the many places they have visited over the years are Kwame Nkrumah Museum, Parliament House, the Supreme Court, Kotoka International Airport, Tema Harbour, Airforce Base, etc.

The places they visited this year are, Afadjato, Wli Waterfalls and Tafi Tome Monkey Sanctuary. When young Edudzi heard her school will be hiking one of the tallest mountains in the world, she was determined to go. She cried to her parents and teachers to let her be part of pupils that will embark on this historic journey. Her teacher, Mr Ahedor Oscar finally gave in to her request and agreed to take her and keep her under his protection throughout the journey.

The school finally took off early Thursday morning and Afadjato was their first point of the visit.

After a few briefings, they started hiking. A lot of pupils even some teachers started given up midway into the hike but young Edudzi was determined to get to the top. At some points, she fell on the assistant of her teacher Mr Ahedor Oscar. She couldn’t hide her joy when she finally made it to the apex of the tallest mountain in West Africa. To her, it was like a dream come true.


Wuxor is a very deprived small village in Akatsi South District of the Volta region of Ghana. For a female pupil of the age of Edudzi Adabla from a deprived school which lack lots of facilities to achieve this height is enough motivation for both young and old to be determined in achieving their aims in life. For this reason, Edudzi Adabla needs commendations and encouragement.

Atsu Ganyo
Teacher, Wuxor D/A Basic School.

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