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Dr. Michael Adongo Ayamga, Senior Lecturer, Economics Dept, UDS writes:

“Stop wasting our meagre resources. Instead of creating regions creat jobs Mr. President. NABCO is mockery of the youth. 700ghs for a youngman starting life? Did you actually have to parade them before cameras? Eish! Instead of taxing the poor citizens tax the cheap imports from China in order to create market for domestic production. If you have the balls to do that the market will create jobs. Won’t need NABCO. oops! I forgot. You can’t do that. The survival of your overloaded and sleeping government depends on the 2 billion dollars from china. Don’t tell me Mahama. You said you will clear his mess and transform Ghana in 18 months.

Yes. Indeed what a transformation? We are poorer than we were under Mahama, we earn less than we did under Mahama, we pay more tax then we did under Mahama, fuel, utilities, housing,…several times more expensive than they were under Mahama. The most annoying thing is that your 1000 employees are on social media preening and strutting their newly acquired wealth and lavish life styles.

They have posted more pictures taken on the streets of Europeans cities than solutions to our crisis. Mahama was a thief, I felt so but at least there was something left. You are not a thief and there is nothing. Isn’t that a miracle that would make a prophet jealous? You said Mahama was not a leader, we agreed. You came in as the know all no nonsense leader.

Only that you are not leading. If you were how could you be misled? This country cannot continue on this path. We have been patient for long enough. It’s time to let you know we are not enjoying your show!!!”

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