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Mr. and Mrs. Berko

African Spectrum Editorial !

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African Spectrum Editorial

When the Light Shines Upon You

When the light shines upon you, it depends on where the light is shining from!

As humans, most lights will shine from all ways!

Professions of different variations!

Degrees of different professions!

Every human endeavor provided it helps others is sensational!

What miracle is greater than conceiving and birth?

Then again, death is even more stranger!

Birth is anticipated but death is not.

Despite everything, due to modern technology we can be privied to even a child in a womb due to ultrasound, but is there an ultrasound for death?

Don’t talk about science!

Most people including doctors have doctors themselves that give them preventive care yet they can’t even heal themselves.

And don’t come here with autopsy?

Is an autopsy a Resurrection?

When the Light Shines, it’s only a signal that with your status you’ve been privileged so do your best!

And the best depends on your mentality.

Some people kill and they feel it’s their best!

Some people help others because they feel it’s their best!

Some people distort the facts of life because they have the power and then again, some people intentionally become cruel because they want all the power.

When the light shines, remember your past!

Sometimes you can get away but not at all times.

The Lord gives strength to both the righteous and the wicked but with togetherness, nothing is impossible!

Now that the Lord’s Light has shined on you, *DOES SOMEONE need to tell you to help people especially your own?*

Then again, your own can be your worst enemy.

When the light shines, it will one day dim just like death and no autopsy can rise you up.

When the light shines, you still breathe the same air so *THINK!*

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