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Berko Akoto ( The Journalist)

African Spectrum Editorial …Insecurity!.

African Spectrum Editorial!


Because we are humans and crave for power, most powerful individuals will still be insecure because they have only one brain and they may influence some, but they can’t think for all, especially at the same time.

When people rise up and try to show or prove their prowess in terms of ‘My words are what has to be done,’ it only proves that every night when they go to bed, they become disappointed because not all their ideas of racism, tribalism, division, gradual extermination of people that don’t think alike, color, profession, beliefs and any human trait that qualifies us humans will make the enlightened think these leaders are more human than anyone!

So long as one is human, your antics will will work temporarily but you will pass on to eternity and then what?

People become Insecure when alone!

Come to think of it, most Brutal leaders of the World have or had some insecurities.

And this my Editorial is not big enough to go through coward leaders, past or present who, because of hiding behind others committed some of the most heinous crimes ever will ever accept responsibility or accountability.

Clearly, if you are not Insecure, why kill your opponent?

Embrace them!

Killing or incarcerating them is a detriment not only to him but to the country where you rule.

And this atrocious Insecurity knows no boundaries.

You may be of the same blood but your humanism as far as taking credit for someone’s accomplished life is great enough to make one insecure but to prove that your ancestors are nothing.

We live because some people paved the way. Sometimes with their lives.

Some leaders are so Insecure that the more opponents they annihilate, the better for them to stay in power.

And sometimes, they will obliterate the whole family.

Life is about fairness!

The World should maybe create a government for Children 10 or younger.


Those are the real formative ages.

At that age, most children don’t know racism, tribalism, power, crooks and most are innocent and have to learn from their parents or peers.

Kids learn from what they see!

Children, just a garden are nurtured and cultivated.

Instead of the self-fulfilling and preconceived prophecies that haunt some adults who transfer to their children, who will eventually become leaders and pour their frustrations and barbarism unto others, it is the duty of parents not to dish anything derogatory to their children.

They will learn for themselves anyway!

One funny thing about Insecurity is because most in power think they are infallible, once they come into reality that they are humans and will expire, the dangerous plan dangerous schemes as in extermination or systematic elimination.

Live your life and help everyone that comes along your way!

Power comes with Insecurity for fools!

Suppressing or punishing people is a curse on your own livelihood.

You are one person!

Even if you want all the world to think that you are inhuman, please don’t breathe!

What gift is greater?

Life or Power?

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