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Dear Mrs Annan and Kofi Annan,

I lift you both up before the throne of Grace.

Years ago when I was preparing the young man for Senior High School, I wished he will attend Bishop Herman College in Kpando like the General.

That was not to be. He will hear nothing of it. Why, he wanted to attend “Kofi Annan’s school”, Mfantsipim School. You had become the Secretary General and he read in the Newspaper that you attended that school.

His tears and pleas went on the whole night. I had to back off and allow him to choose Mfantsipim and with the help of Prof Martin Owusu, himself an old boy of same school, his dream became a reality.

Fast forward, through the help of Mawuena and Johanna, I was invited to Switzerland for a conference. I sat at the lounge in the airport reading while waiting for my luggage.

I noticed someone standing by me, I lifted my head to see who it was … I screamed! It was The Kofi Annan! My God. Did I make a fool of myself!. I never thought I would be starstruck in my life.

I narrated the Mfantsipim story and he said let’s take a picture for him. How kind! Kofi Annan was more than I imagined. I asked him how he managed to keep so calm and he just smiled and said, “it is for my own good to be calm no matter what”.

I have tried to remain as calm as I can be from then on…not always succeeding though. I am working on it…

So when I received the invitation to join you both to promote the Orange Fleshed Sweet Potato, I felt so honoured and blessed.

Since you left this world, I have been pondering on what I know about you as a person, the Secretary General and the man post official appointment. I have come to the realization that we can avail ourselves to do God’s work on earth with grace not pride.

I recall the conversation we had in Switzerland, Sogakope and in Abor. I will cherish these memories for the rest of my life.

Yesterday, sister Veronica Konu, aka Vekon Bakery and I reminisced about you both….when I stop by hers on my eat back to Accra, Ghana.

I am sad that you are gone.

I wish you all, the living and the dead, the best. May you soldier on with grace even in heaven and may we who are left behind learn a thing or two from the way you lived.

Say hello to my mom…if and when you see her.

Your crazy young friend.

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