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Togbe Wallace Setrana , New York

CEANA 2018 Toronto -Videos

The Council of Ewe Association of North America (CEANA) Conference this year was a mega celebration! Attendance this year was estimated to be over 900.

The event was under the theme: Improving lives in the Eweland; 25 years and looking forward to do more.

CEANA is a non-profit organization that provides advocacy and leadership towards the socioeconomic and cultural development of Eweland, that is, Ghana, Togo and Benin.

CEANA aims at facilitating collaboration and networking among Ewes in North America (USA &Canada); assisting deprived communities through the facilitation of projects that target poverty alleviation, e.g. schools, health facilities, and potable water facilities; providing educational assistance to deserving students to enhance their opportunities for career and leadership development as well as promoting small-scale entrepreneurship in rural communities of Eweland. The lenses and bring these videos to our worldwide audience.

  Church Service  




  Live stream video by Steve Dei  

  Live Stream Video by Steve Dei. 


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