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Is anarchy brewing in the Flagstaff House ?


In our current system of governance, the Executive Secretary has no executive power to sign instruments on state transactions.

Executive powers of state are solely reserved and vested in the person of the President.

If for any reason the President could not sign executive instruments, it has to be signed by the Vice-president upon the express permission of the President.
Vice are you there…?

We must thoroughly investigate the factors leading to Nana Asante Bediatuo usurping Executive Powers of State and signing executive instruments with or without the knowledge of the President.

This Ameri Power re-negotiation process and approval by President has proved to be fraudulent, but for the vigilance of the NDC minority in parliament and the vociferous agitation of the Volta River Authority (VRA) staff as well as some civil society organizations and personalities, Ghana would have suffered massive financial hemorrhage over a long period for the benefit of the few perpetrators of the stinky deal.

In the matter of the sacking of the former Energy Minister, dishonored Boakye Agyarko, another unacceptable part of the show is the signatory of the dismissal letter.

Painfully enough, the dismissal letter was signed by Eugene Arhin.

Ministers of State are not under political communications authority of the Presidency.

The minister is superior in rank and authority to a Director, in the scheme of affairs, so it is wrong for a Director to sign a dismissal letter of a Cabinet Minister.

Technically, Ministers are under the Chief of staff and if there is any communication pertaining to a minister, it must be signed by the Chief of Staff.
Madam Chief of Staff, Frema Opare a little free education for you…

However, if it is determined that it should be a matter of government communications, then the Minister for Information is the most appropriate government official.
Hon. Dr. Abdul Mustapha-Hamid, where are you….?
Hon. Kojo Oppong Nkrumah wake up….

Ghanaians voted and vested the executive powers of state in the President and not Asante Bediatuo.

President Akufo Addo must be told in plain language about this negligence of duty before he further throws the country into more embarrassing and fraudulent abuse of executive powers situation.

It is common knowledge that as a mere executive Secretary, Asante Bediatuo facilitates his movements in a convoy led by two police despatch riders.
Mr. President, are you in charge and truly protecting the public purse?

Things are rapidly falling apart in this family and friends short-term government, and the center cannot hold.

*A* *little* *test* *of* *the* *President’s* *efficiency*

Mr. President
1. Why is it that wherever you have worked, your staff have found you to be so weak, frail and ineffective as to abuse and usurp your powers?
2. Why are you so easily ‘misled’?
3.Is ‘misled’ an acronym for your super incompetence?
4. During your time as foreign minister, diplomatic passports were more prevalent than ordinary Travel Certificates, why?
5. Also under your watch as foreign minister, Innocent Ghanaians were maltreated, some imprisoned and others slaughtered with impunity in the Gambia….why?
6. As Attorney General, you could not review your briefs to court, otherwise how could you give a title in a criminal matter in the case of President vrs Tsatsu Tsikata, when every first year student knows that criminal cases are prosecuted in the name of the Republic not the President.
7. Mr. President, the Getmo. 2 are still in Ghana if I should remind you. Sir.


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