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Franklin Cudjoe : President Imani

Franklin Cudjoe Writes On Freddy Blay 11 million dollars Bus purchase for NPP!

Franklin Cudjoe writes:

“Chairman of the ruling political party in Ghana is a very charitable man. He just bought 275 buses for his party ahead of elections on Saturday. His main opponent sees this as vote buying tactics. But the Chairman says his opponent should appreciate God’s bountiful blessings for the Lord is good. By the way no one knows where the Chairman got the money from except to suggest it is a loan arrangement. Isn’t Chairman the board chair of the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation? He Is a very hard working and God fearing man. The Lord is good indeed. Praise him praise him. You sit there and shout AMEN. Your life savings will stagnate saaasa.”


Let’s put Mr Freddy Blay’s supposed ‘generosity’ to common sense strict proof. According Freddy Blay himself, that he was an NPP card bearing member before he officially joined NPP. Mr Freddy Blay gave the indication that he joined the NPP in 2007. This explains why he refused to campaign for his own party’s flagbearer Dr Kwesi Nduom in the 2008 general elections but rather campaigned for then candidate Akufo Addo. In 2012 campaign, the NPP of which Mr Freddy Blay was a card bearing member borrowed some money from prudential bank for its campaign activities and operations. The NPP couldn’t pay this debt, and in May 2015, Prudential Banked wrote to the Npp leadership demanding repayment of a little over Ghc 2.29 million which the npp didn’t have at the time.

You will recall that Mr Freddy Blay was together with other national officers of Npp were elected in April 2014.

Mr Blay with all ‘his money’ couldn’t help by saving his party from the embarrassment that greeted npp’s pending debt owed due to their 2012 elections campaign. That debt hanged over the neck of Npp for about 4 years or more. Ghanaians were only mysteriously informed by Ken Ofori Atta (Akufo Addo’s cousin finance minister) in 2017 during his vetting as finance minister nominee that the debt had been cleared. Many believed that the payment happened after npp won power in 2016.

So today, the current npp Ag Chairman Mr Freddy Blay who has over $11 million dollars today to ‘buy votes’ as described by Mr Stephen Ntim could not be generous enough in 2015 to save his party from the embarrassment it went through because of Ghc2.29 million?

This is even worrying because Mr Freddy Blay is an appointee of Akufo Addo in charge of the Board of GNPC, institution that has direct responsibility of our country’s hydrocarbons resources.

In any serious democracy dispensation, Freddy Blay should have been under investigation by now.

Akufo Addo’s government which is unable to buy ambulances for the hospitals and clinics to add to the existing ones (150 ambulances 🚑 ndc bought from 2010-2014) in the country 18 months in government has it chairman demonstrates opulence and extravagance in this questionable fashion.

Few questions

1. So how come that Mr Freddy Blay couldn’t show similar generosity to his own party when the party needed that help most?

2. Is it that he didn’t have over $11 million as at then? Or he was just wicked towards his own party npp?

3. What is the source of his ‘overnight’ wealth after being made the board chairman of Ghana National Petroleum Corporation?
Could that be from his salary and other benefits in 18 months?

4. How much duties have been paid commutatively for the 275 buses? Or he is granted tax amnesty or exemptions? Many more questions beg for answers.

Well, posterity is there to judge us all- *BM*

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