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Franklin Cudjoe : President Imani

Frank line Cudjoe On GVG Saga !

Due Diligence Report conducted on GVG just came through. Remember though that the Deputy Minister of Communications said on Citi FM today the Ghanaian subsidiary of GVG was only put together in 2017 so they couldn’t have had a website, let alone a credible. The company was registered only after Christmas last year, even after they signed a contract for$ 89m. How else would Ghanaians who will pay this hefty free cash know if the company is credible when all these information would never have been out but for this expose? Never mind that the Ministry’s own half-baked statement mentioned GVGKlenin was registered in 1995. And yet we have given them $89m free money to look for non-existent revenue.

The Ministry says the company got this hefty free cash because they will help fight sim box fraud. What is the actual estimate of calls lost to simbox fraud per month that should require monthly outlays of $1.4 million? We need the data on estimated losses through SIMBOX fraud, and that data should tell all Ghanaians whether the SIIT related law in itself isn’t redundant. By the way revenues from international calls have fallen by almost 30% and more as people now prefer to make calls over whatsapp and other less expensive or free services.

Why is the Minister who is a lawyer paying almost $1.5million a month for 5 years to a new company to look for what does not exist or waste time on mistrust? If Minister talks about international benchmarks and standards, don’t we rather pay the company only if they find hidden revenue? Is that not how companies who come to look for oil get paid? Should it not be you find, you earn a percentage? The Ministry’s own statement says they contracted GVG in December 2017 but their activities/ services will only be functional in July 2018. So, why pay them $1.5m a month for being non-functional until July 2018?

And the Deputy Minister of Communications is asking me why I didn’t come to his ministry to ask questions about a deal his ministry hurriedly put together without telling Ghanaisns in the first place. Well, the question to him is when he and I were in OccupyGhana asking same questions of the dubious Subah and Afriwave deals, did he go to ask the then ministry of communications why they did that? Wasn’t a value for money analysis we did on those contracts that got us angry? Isn’t it rich that persons my taxes are paying for their upkeep will ask me and Ghanaians to come to them for basic information?

And finally, whether some telco executive spoke to me or not, shall we address the grave matters at hand? That we have handed $89m freely to a company for no calculated VALUE in return.
More later.

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