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Egypt: 300 Cleopatra Era Artifacts Displayed for First Time At Egyptian Museum

The Egyptian Museum in downtown Cairo is hosting a temporary exhibition of 300 artifacts from the era of Queen Cleopatra. The display’s inauguration on Wednesday 18/4/2018 was attended by Minister of Antiquities Khaled al-Anany. The antiquities were excavated by a Dominican archaeological mission who has been operating in Egypt for about 10 years in the Taposiris Magna area in Alexandria. Anany hailed the exhibition as “unprecedented and distinguished” 

Ethiopia’s New Premier Reshuffles Cabinet as Part of Reform Bid
Ethiopia’s new premier Abiy Ahmed named a new defence minister on Thursday as part of a reshuffle to help implement reforms demanded by the public during unrest in which hundreds were killed by security forces. Abiy named 10 new ministers but retained the finance and foreign ministers from the cabinet of his predecessor Hailemariam Desalegn, who resigned in February to pave the way for the reforms. “To respond to public demand a cabinet reshuffle is essential. This follows the change of leadership that was enacted in an attempt to change the existing situation in the country,” Abiy, a former army officer, told lawmakers. 

Zimbabwe Marks First Independence Anniversary in Post-Mugabe Era
Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Wednesday led the nation in commemorating the 38th independence anniversary, five months after he took over power from former President Robert Mugabe. Mnangagwa said the independence celebrations, the first in post-Mugabe era, were historic as they came under a new political dispensation.”This year’s celebrations have a renewed significance as they are the first under the new dispensation. The first in a new Zimbabwe,” he said in an address to a capacity crowd gathered at the National Sports Stadium in Harare to commemorate the Day.Mnangagwa rallied Zimbabweans both at home and abroad to unite in rebuilding the country’s economy ruined by years of Western sanctions and mismanagement. 

Nigeria School Food Scheme Revolutionising Education
Dozens of children cheer at the Baptist Nursery and Primary School compound in Bode-Ijaiye suburb of Abeokuta city, the capital of Ogun state, as their friends try to outpace each other on a 100-metre dash in a dusty field. Ogun state inter-school football and track-and-field competitions are just around the corner, and teachers want to prepare the children physically and mentally for the task ahead. Away from the laughter and shouts of encouragement on the field, four female cooks with aprons on top of traditional indigo-dyed adire gowns ladle porridge mixed with vegetables and fish into hundreds of stainless steel bowls with lids. Update Profile: 
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