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An Outline of Policies For ‘Ghana Beyond Aid’

Ghana Beyond Aid is meant to be more than a slogan. It is meant to propel us into the frame of mind that would quicken our pace of development. It is meant to change our mindset from one of dependency, to one of achieving our destiny. It is meant to put us in charge of our own affairs, and make us truly independent. Above all, Ghana Beyond Aid will give us the respect and dignity we deserve.

1. Strong macro-economy
Strong macro-economy is fundamental to moving Ghana Beyond Aid.

2. Job Creation
Moving Ghana Beyond Aid demands that effective measures are taken to address widespread unemployment, especially amongst our youth.

3. Value Addition Activities
A successful execution of Value Addition Activities of the Country’s resources will be key in moving Ghana Beyond Aid.

4. Infrastructural Development
Infrastructural Development will represent a paradigm shift in the financing of Ghana’s development priorities, and make it possible for the country to move Beyond Aid.

5. Digitization
Digitization is all geared towards modernizing the economy. It is also to allow the delivery of education and health services to remote areas, reduce corruption, expand the tax base, expand e-commerce, make credit more available as uncertainty is reduced for financial institutions, and increase domestic resource mobilization.

6. Education
Education will provide a strong foundation for an educated and skilled workforce of the future. Education will result in the development of the capacity to manufacture machinery, equipment and component parts for industry, agriculture, especially machinery for planting, harvesting and processing of produce.

7. Private Sector Development
The private sector should be the critical partner in moving Ghana Beyond Aid. If properly structured, it will attract private sector financing. Key to attracting private sector investment is a conducive, business friendly and peaceful environment.

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