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Anthony Namoo:A leading member of the New Patriotic Party, NPP, in the Upper East Region and a Legal Practitioner

Prez Akufo-Addo’s vision of “Ghana Beyond Aid” achievable – A Legal Practitioner

A leading member of the New Patriotic Party, NPP, in the Upper East Region and a Legal Practitioner, Anthony Namoo, says, President Akufo-Addo’s vision of a Ghana beyond aid is achievable since countries in Asia and around the world have done it by taking action.

According to the Lawyer, the country must be ready to do things differently as a start to achieving the Ghana beyond aid dream.

He said to get to a Ghana beyond Aid, the country will have to effectively harness its own resources and creatively and efficiently deploy them for rapid economic and social transformation.

Mr. Namoo extolled the virtues of hard work, enterprise, creativity, and consistency in the fight against corruption.

He said the president’s call is a wake-up call for all of us to sit-up and work hard to make the country self reliant.

Lawyer Namoo said there are a lot of resources in the country which if well managed, Ghana will not go to IMF for loans for them to impose conditionalities on us.

He said there is no country which lives in an autarchy that is in a state of self sufficiency and will not need help but it should be a symbiotic relationship but not parasitic one.

He insisted that with numerous resources in the country, the citizenry should be able to live within their means.

He said the President’s one-village-one-dam policy when well implemented in the Upper East Region will help reduce poverty in the region.

He expressed the need for Ghana to build stronger relationship with the various African countries in terms of trade.

Mr. Namoo said the free SHS is good initiative by the government which will go a long way to make our future generation self reliant.

He observed that the incidents of arm robbery are on the rise because society has not helped the youth and so they engage in it and do not fear to die.

He said there is the need to help the many who are poor in order to save the few who are rich.

Meanwhile, Lawyer Namoo who is vying for the Upper East Regional NPP Chairmanship position said the NPP party in the region requires a dynamic leader with the requisite skills and capability to consolidate and further advance the gains chalked by the party in the region in the 2016 general elections.

According to him, a membership drive project to increase the party’s support base was key for the party’s victory 2020 general elections.

In view of this, the Legal Practitioner said he had developed a strategy that will enable the party to garner more votes for the party to catapult it to victory in 2020 general elections.

Mr. Namoo who attributed the poor performance of the party in the region, particularly in the area of the parliamentary election during the last election, to the lack of unity among some members of the party and weak party structures at the polling stations, the constituency and the regional levels promised to make them vibrant if he gets the nod.

He said it was prudent for the Party to be united and resolute in order to become the better choice for all members and attractive to others.

Speaking to Radio Ghana’s Samuel Ayammah in Bolgatanga, Lawyer Namoo expressed the need for members of the party to bury their differences to ensure peace.

He stated that NPP needed a united front to make the nation economically giant in the Sub-region to improve the living standards of the people.

Mr Namoo underscored the need for the Party regional hierarchy to find ways and means to adequately resource polling station and constituency executives.

He pledged to bring new visionary leadership skills into the Party to make it attractive and prosperous.

Mr. Anthony Namoo said the NPP must be focus and firm to explore avenues on economics, social, political, cultural and traditional values in the Region. He said there were many opportunities to create income generating ventures to assist the Party foot soldiers at the grassroots.

He noted that as a chairman he will make sure that all the government programmes and policies will be well implemented to enhance the living conditions of the people in the region.

Mr. Anthony Namoo called on the members of the Party in the Region to give him the nod to lead them, adding that he was ever prepared to bring new tactics into management of the NPP.

Mr. Namoo is part of a committee that is working to ensure that ICOUR board is inaugurated to ensure the smooth running of Tono and Vea dams to enhance dry season gardening in the region.


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