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Source:Mannaseh Azuri

Why do people still ask of evidence when someone says there were inflation of contract prices in the previous government? Why do we think Martin Amidu cannot find evidence to back his claim that the government was a looter one? The government confessed to this allegation in the bus branding scandal. Were we not in this country when the government admitted that the contract had been inflated and reduced it? Is that not evidence?

Also, the Jospong contracts revealed by Joy News had such instances with evidence. A bin liner which costs 98 pesewas at the Jospong Group was supplied to the state at 67 cedis a piece. Which sensible human being will go to the market to and buy a piece of disposable rubber used to line a dust bin at 67 cedis? And this contract was ordered from the Office of the President. What about the waste bins itself? Are all these not evidence of deliberate efforts by government officials to steal?

So are the people defending this and asking for evidence living in self-denial or what? And some of these contracts and payments were authorised by the Office of the President so it tells you how deep the canker was. I have evidence of the involvement of the Office of the President in some of these stinking deals.

I sincerely don’t think any human being with conscience should get angry if the previous government is described as a looter one. In fact, all governments since independence have had looters, including this one. The difference with what happened the Mahama regime is that it was taken to very absurd levels and done with impunity. If the current government and its officials are really serious about following the stolen monies and not renegotiating deals that would benefit their individual pockets, many previous government officials will be jailed easily.

Apart from the thieves, I don’t think any right thinking human being should be defending this theft just because of party affiliation. With time, the thieves in the NPP government will also be revealed. If we don’t come together and fight for our collective interest but continue behave like headless political beasts, we will be providing a haven for the looters of the state purse.

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