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Berko Akoto ( The Journalist)

Editorial by Berko Akoto : The Journalist!

Editorial by The Journalist

Where One’s Sickness Is One’s Glory!

Dr. M . Bawumia , Vice President of the Republic of Ghana .

The vice-president of Ghana, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia has returned to Ghana after seeking treatment in the UK for an illness so the story goes.

Even though we as Blacks share a common heritage as far as origination in our DNAs, just for this time, I will focus on my country Ghana.

The Press and Social Media, along with the major Political Parties are having a ball at the expense of the vice-president’s health.

Since when does someone’s health crisis become headline news?

Whatever the official’s ailment, only God knows!

Oh, how I love my people!

Black People for that matter!

Oh, how we pray that a misfortune for one is a blessing for somebody.

Ghanaians are a strange species!

We love funerals!

And I wouldn’t be the least surprised that the Vice President’s funeral had been planned already.

But even if the VP is sick, does he has to seek treatment abroad?


Don’t we have capable physicians in our country?

Or is that there are no state-of-the-art hospitals to facilite our sick needs?

And judging by triage trauma centers in advanced worlds, Africa and our medical ailments are nothing to write Mama about!

We live!
We see!
We know!
Yet, if it doesn’t involve me,
To heck with everybody!

A common African trait!

“I will only seek help when it’s my turn.”

The turn will come yet the song will remain the same!

As a great official, this time involving the vice-president, letting your subjects believe in you is what is at stake here.

More importantly, what you as a VP have to offer is at play here.

A leader of a sovereign country seeking help abroad when sick yet there are hospitals in your own backyard.

What kind of a story is that?

And yet when the youth struggle through thick and thin to seek greener pastures abroad, some see them as having no hope in their countries.

Of course no hope!

It’s a media sensation!

Having all dignitaries meeting at the airport for the VPs arrival and congratulating you just like you have invented an antibiotic drug is tantamount to a dictator proving to his subjects that killing or detaining his opponents is righteous.


A hero who doesn’t even trust his own country’s bred doctors and has to seek outside help.

And it keeps happening!

African leaders!

Passports under their pillows!
Ready to fly!
Diplomatic status intact!
Whooshing through airports!
Making the nonentities wait till kingdom come!
Brushing moralistic principles aside!

Unfortunately, not all of them make it alive.

Some as always will die!


Build your country and you don’t have to resort to anyone for anything.

Why must a rational thinker glorify the misery of others?

Word was that the VP had a stroke!

Others said the footage floating around was that of the VP’s twin brother.

Does someone’s sickness has to be a front page news?

Ghanaians love the dead!

Especially the death for so called dignitaries.

When a King or someone ‘important’ dies, the body can be kept for up to months sometimes years.

Why, others will ask?

We love accusations!
We love hearsay!

And then again misery loves company.

What is wrong with a society that glorifies someone for being sick?

And then again, what is right about officials seeking treatment abroad?

The majority of the people don’t have passports much more the diplomatic status.

If they are sick, what happens to them?

Build your country!

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