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Dr . Paa Kwesi Nduom addressing the audience

Farewell to an Unapologetic Patriot!


Mr. K. B. Asante who deserved Fully the titles ‘Honourable’ and ‘Excellency’ has passed on to eternity. He has become an ancestor. In an environment where people talk freely with abandon, not caring who they hurt or the damage they do to the nation, he was a wonderful exception. He did not go quietly and we are grateful for that because he used his voice to teach, to tell Our History and to give leadership when others who also could speak remained silent. I am glad that the Good Lord allowed him to remain with us for so long through our various “republics” to bear testimony and express his views through his giant lenses.

I am grateful for his life. Ghanaians must recognize his contribution.

Thank you to a true Elder, an uncompromising PATRIOT!

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