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Paa Kwasi Sam, President of the GNC.

Ghana National Council President reacts to recent comments by Donald Trump!

President Donald Trump reportedly questioned in a White House meeting on Thursday why the United States should accept immigrants from “s***hole countries,” referring to Haiti, El Salvador, and African countries. Leaders around the world have expressed outrage about these comments and chastised the President of the USA for such racially dividing and xenophobic comments. The President of the Ghanaian community of Chicago, comprising over 100 thousand Ghanaian immigrants and their children added his voice to the outcry.


We produce below the full statement by President Paa Kwasi Sam:

As the Mouthpiece for Ghanaians in the Chicago Metropolitan area, Ghana National Council (GNC), I cannot keep quiet regarding the hurtful and discriminatory comments made by President Donald Trump against Africa, Haiti, and others. It is never okay to denigrate others because of their race, gender, geographic location, or economic status.
At a time when nations need each other to tackle problems like terrorism, hunger, human trafficking etc. confronting humanity; we believe pronouncements like what President Trump said are counter productive and racially insensitive!


Personally, I was shocked and felt that nobody should ever voice such derogatory comments with the intention of demeaning nations full of good, hardworking, and loving people. Especially, when some migrants from these countries have contributed tremendously in the fields of, law, Healthcare, teaching, NASA, the United States Military, and many others.
Being an African (Ghanaian) living in America, we migrated here to ensure that our children and loved ones have an equal opportunity to a bright future and contribute to society just like other migrants from other parts of the world envisioned.

The United States is a melting pot of nationalities and its success comes from the arduous work of many immigrants. As we stand tall with other leaders from around the world and peacefully speak out against this shameful act, I urge my fellow Ghanaians, Africans, and Caribbeans, to lift our heads high and be proud of where we come from. We will continue to pray that God himself will bless the United States, Africa, Haiti, and all other nations.

Long Live the USA
Long Live Ghana
Long Live Africa
Long Live Haiti
Long Live the United Nations.

Paa Kwasi Sam
President, GNC, Chicago.

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