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Dr Lawrence writes : Amidu Beware !

Dr. Lawrence writes on the Special Prosecutor
*I wish you well, Mr. Martin Amidu*

I wish you well, Mr Martin Amidu in your new role as the Special Prosecutor. I say this because of the funfair from the National Patriotic Party , NPP, that greeted your appointment.

The problem I have with your being successful in your new role is the way the NPP has hailed it as a big achievement by the Nana’s administration. I say this because any thing they have greeted with such fun fare, has gone terribly wrong. Let me give examples:

We all remember how the NPP greeted the launching of the One District, One Factory at Ekumfi. Today, the launching ground has become the home of rats, grass cutters and snakes.

We remember how the NPP made a lot of noise about the introduction of the Free SHS. Today, only 20% of the feeding fees has been paid for two terms. The Free SHS has claimed the lives of at least 20 children and many more were hospitalized because of the way the NPP implemented it. As you read this script, the Free SHS is on live-support and about to die.

We all remember the jamboree that greeted the “restoration” of the Nurses’ allowance in Sunyani. Today as we speak, the NPP only paid the October allowance. November, December and January allowance has not been paid. In fact technically, the Nurses’ allowance has not been restored. The Nurses were paid travelling allowance to be in Sunyani for fun. That’s all.

As for the planting for food and jobs policy, the least talked about it, the better. The NPP are blaming the invasion of the army worms after they have spent millions of Ghana money to fight them. That policy is a complete failure and you can check that from the nearest farmer.

We all remember how the NPP greeted with jubilation when the court asked the Electoral Commission to come up with the modalities for the implementation of ROPAA. Today, as the details emerged and the dust settled, NPP are having a second thought about the implementation of ROPAA.

We all remember how Dr. Bawumiah told us Ghana’s Digital Address System was going to “leapfrog” over US, UK and Spain. That GPS was going to cost Ghana $2.5 million and GHC3.5 million for training and advertisement. Today, the NPP is not talking about the GPS after some experts proved that the GPS application is already available to Ghanaians for free. Therefore, any monies paid for it is fraud.

I have given all these examples for Mr. Martin Amidu to know that the fact that he has been appointed and the NPP hailing it as an achievement will not automatically guarantee him success. He needs special prayers that will deliver him from the spirit of failures from Nana Akufo and the NPP.

I pray that Mr. Amidu, you succeed in minimizing corruption in our country. Since I don’t know where and how you are going to start your work, I will wish you well. My only advice is that you control your temper because the nature of the work is going to bring you face-to-face with some annoying politicians. Those who will think that because their government appointed you, you have no right to investigate them.

Dr. Lawrence – A concerned Ghanaian living in the United States.

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