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*Sam Kwesi Fletcher writes:*

Greetings to you my great friend Mr Franklin Cudjoe. It has been ages. I trust your good self and IMANI are doing well. The last time we met in person was in the first part of 2015 when we were both guests on the Citi FM Weekend Programme Big Issues with Richard Dela Sky as the host, discussing Dumsor and how good or poorly President Mahama had performed as far as dealing with the power crisis was concerned. This took place after a couple of panel talks with you on the Viasat morning show with Patrice and Kokui. I still remember vividly seeing you enter the Citi FM studios that Saturday morning with other guests, clad in your Dumsor Branded Black and White T-Shirts. That was quite innovative, I must confess. I am pretty sure Dumsor was worked at to stabilize the power system because of yours and other such civil society campaigns. Well done!

I have always admired your courage and candid spirit in addressing matters relating to national policy and development, so I tend to follow your comments and position around as much as I can, to understand how our dear country can assume the right path to achieving its developmental goals and objectives.
But quite frankly, Franklin, I don’t hear much of you lately. I have been wondering what must have happened to you since the beginning of the Nana Addo presidency, and I have been compelled to make the following assumptions:

• That my good friend may be out of town for more than a year and is yet to come back to town to know what is happening under NPP.

• That Franklin is in town but is taking a break from his usual fierce criticism of government failures and bad policy decisions by all administrations including the current NPP one.

• That Franklin’s mission was only to criticize and cut the past NDC administration to size, and once mission is accomplished he does not care how current bad decisions affect the welfare of the good people of Ghana.

• That my friend Franklin is still in his serious business of fiercely criticizing bad decisions and failures of this NPP administration, but I am the one who is failing to listen around as I used to, or that I am hearing him but, as biased as any political animal can be, I am simply refusing to appreciate his intense, fair and impartial criticism of Nana Addo’s government.

• That Franklin, all of a sudden, does not believe that Ghana thrives partly on such campaigns by civil society to keep governments on their toes to drive governance in a positive direction.

• That something I cannot imagine is making Franklin keep quiet. Nature, life and politics have interesting ways of making loud critics go quiet. I am a strong believer that nothing can cause dynamic Franklin Cudjoe of IMANI to keep mute and silent over pertinent and troubling occurrences and issues in government today, or….?

Franklin, I am one of your greatest admirers because of your energy and courage. My only worry is that your energy has almost evaporated into thin air since the NPP took office. You have suddenly lost your courage to criticize Nana Addo and the NPP on corruption, bad decisions, failing policies and nepotism. You almost seem not to have the loins, the ribs, the voice and the muscle to speak out anymore. You have lost your drive to question the rationale behind some of the most terrible, corruption-proned, nepotism-engulfed and embarrassing decisions of the NPP government. How could you so swiftly, in a matter of 12 months, grow from red-hot Franklin against NDC to ice-cold Franklin for NPP. Please help me disprove my assumptions above by letting Ghana hear you shout against this government when they are wrong. Please do not forget that your kind of men are needed to build our beloved country, and I genuinely mean it.

Deal with Nana Addo and the NPP with the same measure of zealousness you applied to John Mahama and the NDC.

It was with a lot of deep thinking that the former British soldier Eric Blair (pen-named George Orwell) wrote his Animal Farm political story, out of which the phrase “all animals are equal but some are more equal than others” emerged. Franklin you did a great job before 2017. We can give you the benefit of the doubt for not doing much in 2017, probably because of one or two of my presumptive reasons above. We however expect you to forget about whatever is keeping you mute and break your silence in 2018.

Ghana needs you to condemn corruption now like then; speak against bad policies now like then; criticize government appointee failures and mismanagement now like then, criticize nepotism now more than then, criticize unfulfilled promises now more than then, and so on. It is only then Ghanaians will know and believe you were neither on a mission against Mahama and the NDC, nor on a mission for Nana Addo and the NPP, but on a genuine, objective, impartial and unbiased mission to help Ghana’s democracy succeed.

Let me take the opportunity to wish you and IMANI a happy, prosperous and voiceful 2018!

Long live Ghana, our beloved country! Freedom!!

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