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National Orgasm Conference : Lawyer Ampaw says he was toed at 11!

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw has revealed that he was sexually exploited by an 18-year-old lady when he was just 11-years-old.

Recounting his childhood experience, he opened up about how the 18-year-old lady from Chorkor convinced him to play house -a game popularly known among Ghanaian children as ‘Maame ne Paapa’, where she played the role of a mother and he the father.

He spoke about his “defilement” at the 2017 Orgasm Conference at the Accra International Trade Fair Centre on December 26, 2017.

“I quite remember the first day I broke my virginity, it was rape….at the age of I think 11 years. We had this girl who was 18-years and was from Chorkor, and I from Sukura. So we did what we call ‘Maame ne Paapa’. So she said she was the ‘Maame’ and I was the ‘Paapa’.”

According to the legal practitioner, he was not privy to what it meant to have an erection at such a tender age thus the act can be classified as sexual abuse. He added that he had the power to report her because criminal offence has no expiry date.


“….I can even today report her because she defiled me Kwabena Ampaw because criminal offence has no expiry date.”

Ampaw condemned the act adding that most of such cases happen in compound houses where the older girls take advantage of innocent little boys to satisfy themselves.

“Most of these things happen especially in compound houses. You know where you have a young girl telling a young boy you are my husband. Some of them start to have sex without the young ones without their consent which is very bad.”

Legally, he stated that there are consequences for such immoral acts revealing that anyone found guilty is likely to face a maximum of 25-years in prison or a minimum of 7-years depending on the gravity of the situation

Ampaw warned, “If you are a lady and you have sex with a guy who is below the age of 16 years, you have defiled him. You can go to prison maximum 25-years and minimum 7-years.”


The annual Orgasm Conference, hosted by Counsellor George Lutterodt, is aimed at educating and sensitizing married couples on the rules governing sex and marriage.

Speakers for the night were Legal Practitioner, Maurice Ampaw, CEO of End Point Group of Companies, Dr. Adu Boateng, and Rev. Mrs Gloria Kobi who took patrons through legality of sexual relationship, health issues concerning sexual intercourse, and how to maintain a peaceful home, respectively.


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