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The Awoamefia Torgbui Sri commissions the magnificent school gate built by the 1982 year group as part of their contribution to beautify ZICO.

Anlo State drags Chieftaincy minister to Court over “political maneuver to disintegrate”

The Anlo State has dragged the Chieftaincy Minister and the Attorney General to court over plans to split it into three different traditional areas.

This is in connection with plans by the Chieftaincy Minister Kofi Dzamesi to elevate Aflao and Avenor from Trditional areas to Councils.

Aflao and Avenor are two of 36 traditional areas under the Anlo Traditional Councils headed by the Awoamefia.

In a suit filed on his behalf by lawyer Elikplim Agbemava, the Awoamefia of Anlo Torgbui Sri III accused the Chieftaincy ministry of overstepping its authority.

According to the overlord of Anlo the authority to elevate the two areas into Traditional Councils are vested in him alone.

“Plaintiff avers that only he as the AWOAMEFIA of the Anlo state or traditional area has the authority by custom, statute and constitutional right to appoint or elevate the Avenor and Aflao divisions of the Anlo state or traditional area as traditional councils,” the Awoamefia insists.

The Awoamefia further agues that “traditional councils are created by chief who by custom are vested with such powers and not by constitutional or statutory executive action.”

Torgbi Sri III also dismissed claims by the Chieftaincy minister that Section 12 of the Chieftaincy act grants him the power to establish the Avenor and Aflao Traditional Councils.

“Plaintiff avers further that by the provisions of the 1992 constitution the 2nd Defendant does not have any authority or the right to accord or withdraw recognition to or from a chief including the Avenor and Aflao chiefs for any purpose whatsoever,” the suit stated.

The Awoamefia stated that the actions of the minister are capable of creating insecurity and threatens the peace and unity of the Anlo State.

“The 2nd Defendant’s intended action poses a threat to the peace, security and unity of the entire Anlo traditional Council and is a political maneuver designed to disintegrate the ANLO state and further reducethe authority of the Awoamefia as the over lord of the Anlo state,” Torgbi Sri III alleged.

The Anlo State is therefore seeking an interim injunction restraining the Chieftaincy Minister and “his assigns from going ahead with the intended “inauguration” of the Avenor and Aflao traditional councils on 14th December, 2017 until the final determination of the suit.”

The Anlo State is also asking the High Court for “an order by way of quo warranto directed at the 2nd Defendant to stop him or his assigns from usurping the authority and power of the Plaintiff to create traditional councils in the Anlo state or Traditional Area.”

“A declaration that the Plaintiff by virtue of his position as the Awoamefia of Anlo is the only authority who can create traditional councils in the Anlo traditional area.”

The suit filed by the Awoamefia further disclosed the “2nd Defendant will not desist from creating confusion between the Plaintiff and his chiefs unless prohibited by an injunction order of this honourable court”.

By: Sena Nombo/

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