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Tiffany Celebrates Sweet 16 in style-1

December 9 2017, Romeoville Illinois:
The Kotogbor family celebrated the 16th birthday of their daughter, Tiffany, today at their family house in Romeoville Illinois. The event attracted friends and family of the Kotogbors’ in and around the Chicagoland.
One possibility of the origination of celebrating “Sweet Sixteen” stems from traditions in medieval Europe; a girl would be presented to a court in her early teens, a rite of passage that signaled she was ready and available for marriage.In the United States, “Sweet Sixteen” is similar to, but much less elaborate or formal than, Quinceañera, the celebration of a girl’s 15th birthday in Latino communities in the U.S. and in parts of Latin America. Quinceañeras originated from Aztec culture around 500 B.C. At age 15, boys became warriors and girls were viewed as mothers of future warriors, marking the age in which a girl became a woman.
The celebration of sweet sixteen however in the African and other immigrant communities has no bearing on the aforementioned history. It however brings families together for show of love and support each other.
The Kotogbor family home was literary turned into a small carnival of dancing and joyous revelers and show of camaraderie among attendees.
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Mr and Mrs. Kotogbor

Tiffany and her grandma

Tiffany and her parents

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