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Alistair Nelson [Left], Salifu Masse [Middle] and Godwin Ako Gunn [Right]..Credit for the pictures

MANASSEH’S FOLDER: If the paralysed Montie amputees were NPP

Harrowing television footages of distraught parents and traumatised students running around the campus, like a flock that has been attacked by bees, should not only worry us, but alarm us. There are close to 3000 students in that school and nobody knows what will happen next. We don’t know who else is living with the strange sickness.

Mr. President, the least you could do as the father of the nation is to spare at least five minutes of your time to address the students and help calm them down as school authorities and health personnel try to convince them not to go home for the fear of spreading the unknown disease. Elsewhere in the civilised world, the nation would have paused and paid attention to Kumasi Academy and call for external support in order to save the lives of the young ones. But it is sickening to admit that we don’t value human lives here and your attitude has confirmed it.

When the seven students died after the first disease outbreak in the school in March this year, the school appeared more interested in planning its 60th anniversary celebration than taking steps to safeguard the lives of the remaining students. Last week, when two of the students died, the school downplayed it. In the words of a source, “the school did not want the death to mar the anniversary celebration that was happening over the weekend so we hid news of the deaths.”

Mr. President, you were in Kumasi Academy for that 60th Anniversary programme last weekend, but your speech did not mention the deaths. I don’t blame you because my sources say the school authorities hid the news about the deaths from you. Elsewhere, the deaths and hospitalisation was enough reason to call off the celebration of the anniversary. This week, after the 60th anniversary event, two more students died and many more were rushed to the hospital.

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