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Musings in Ga-Mashie : Nii Kpakpo’s Turn …

I have been away for a week. I went on a Religious journey to seek the face of God and commit my family in his hands. Several issues have cropped up and i believe some of friends wanted my opinion on it. For a start, i will talk about the Ga-Mashie Chieftaincy brouhaha first and talk about the others as the day goes on.
First of all, let me cure the ignorance of some people who have no idea what the Ga Chieftaincy problem was all about yet opening their mouths and yapping nonsense. There are 6 clans that constitute the entire Ga Ethnic group. They are Tema, Nungua, Teshie, La, Osu and Ga-Mashie. Every single Ga person comes from any of these clans. The Gas were peace loving people hence did not wage any war among themselves. The various Ga Clans were content with their inheritance just like the Israelites so did not see the need to wage war and usurp the land of their brothers just so one can become a single Ga King! This is why all the Ga-Clans are independent of each other and have the right to choose their own Kings. We Gas are happy with this arrangement and we love it!

Now, the problem is Ga-Mashie. Ga Mashie comprise the whole of Metropolitan Accra and is undoubtedly the largest and biggest of all the Ga-Clans. Every King in Ga Mashie has called himself Ga-Mantse simply because the position of the President of Ga-Traditional council is reserved for him. This does not make him the overlord of all Gas as i have explained above.

There are four ruling houses in Ga Mashie. They are Amugi We, Tackie Komme We, Abola Piam We and Teiko Tsuru We. The former Ga Mantse Nii Amugi came from the Amugi We. After his death, it was the turn of the Abola Piam We to enstool their King but the political forces led by Shiekh I.C Quaye and the entire Ga N.P.P machinery forcefully supported the installation of Dr. Jo Blankson whose father is not affiliated to any of the ruling houses as Ga Mantse. This aberration was the cause of all the bloodshed, confusion and brouhaha that has plagued the Ga State up till now. They tried the same tactics in Anloga but i guess the Anlos were united in resisting this imposition than the people of Ga-Mashie. Dagbon continues to suffer because of similar tactics.

In conclusion, i wish to remind all of you that 95% of Gas don’t really care about Chieftaincy. The Chieftaincy institution was an alien culture among Gas. Gas respect their Wulomei or Chief Priests more than their Chiefs or Kings. We Gas, just like the Jews are fiercely independent. We do not accept that somebody is superior to us merely because he was born in a royal household or has lots of gold in his backyard. You may call us poor, yes, but we will never carry your load on our heads!! Twa Omanye aba!!

Source : Nii Kpakpo Allotey

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