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Why Effective Leaders Become Ineffective Before they Hand-Over

This article is one of the write-ups of Asante Krobea Elvis. It is not for sale and targeted to be read by all student leaders and anyone interested|.


I have had the opportunity to lead people since the inception of my formal education; class captainin all the classes from stage one, School Prefect at the Basic level till Senior High School level, S.R.C. president and currently sector president. I have taken mantles from predecessors, handed over mantles to successors and witnessed that of others. I therefore have the experience in leadership and I am also a born leader.

This article features four most important factors that render leaders ineffective in their tenure of office. If any leader does well to overcome these factors, trust me, that leader will leave office with smiles and been named by his followers as an effective leader. The factors have been enumerated below.

1. A leader who does not read Every leader is a reader. A leader who does not read becomes deficient of knowledge in a matter of time. For me, any “so called” leader who does not read has lost his or her stewardship. The law of gravity makes it clear that if an object is not supported by an upward force, it goes down into the center of the earth. That is why when a fruit loses its hold, it automatically comes down.

We can deduce from the above law that, in this world, everything goes down if not supported. Likewise knowledge: if not supported by reading wide. It is needful to expand your horizon in order to make the impact you are expected to make as a leader. Read at least a book each month than to become uncontemporary which will definitely make you ineffective before your handing over ceremony. You must understand that, books and articles, like this, contain experiences authors have gained within a number of years or in their whole lifetime. You might not be able to discover such experiences before you even say bye to mortality. A leader must read, attend seminars and most especially, have the desire to learn more from the more experienced. Learn!

2. A leader who has love for money

In my recently-released article, I highlighted that most Ghanaians are corrupt. It is obviously true with the simple reason that those who sit in a passengers’ vehicle mostly take off their eyes to pave way for the police to pick the money the driver has hidden in the health insurance card wallet faster, so that the passenger could get to his/her destination on time. It is disputable but it is a true act of corruption.

Again, I stated that most people grease the palms of officials to win favours even during examinations. I received a whole lot of punches and praises from readers but mark my words, the truth will always be true. The Kwahu-East District Director of Education gave a very memorable speech at a gathering on the theme “A clarion call to the fight of corruption in Ghana: a necessity for the academia” which rings in my ears anytime money and corruption comes to mind.

He said, “Society has set a particular pedestal for every person who occupies a particular position in the society. For instance, a bank manager is expected to have his personal cars and etc. Due to this, many people at those enviable positions maneuver to meet the demands of corrupt society” You can imagine how people try to get those material things even when their salaries plus their allowances cannot afford such assets.Every leader is entrusted with money through the contributions of members of the said group.

Though the income and expenditure of the money is being accounted for, bad leaders have their own strategies to manipulate records in order to dupe the group to meet their personal interests. Don’t forget that I said from the commencement that, I’m speaking from experience. You know what? Every person has a long list of ‘needs’ and ‘wants’.

There has never been an instance in the world where even the richest man on earth has ever satisfied his human needs. You might say others cheated but they were not caught. You might be right. Yours might be different from theirs. Better still, ask yourself, did those people live up to what was expected of them? Could they have done more if not their involvement in financial misappropriation?

It will interest you to know that as soon as you lose your entitlement as a respected and trusted leader, you dwindle gradually into the pit of failures and then cause peril to your future.Money is a spirit. The Bible compares the power of money (mammon) to that of God. The taste ofgetting more money is insatiable. A leader must lead with higher piety in order not to fall prey to the control of money. The moment money commences to rule over you, your mental window of group proactivity closes and then opens to a window of personal interests. Your leadership will never make any meaning to your followers.

3. A leader who engages in Sexual Immoralities

I know this will sound weird in the ears of many, especially, mentioning it in the context of leadership. I have already cleared the air that I am speaking from experience. Society has done well by lauding respect for leaders. I have come to a realization that even the less regarded is given some sorts of respect when such person picks up leadership mantle.

Many young people would wish to hover around a societally respected person, probably, as a life partner. This is not very infrequent among student leaders. There are instances where co-executives have romantic feelings for themselves. It is like thirst, no amount of alcohol can quench it. It is also inevitable. This is one of the challenges student leaders are expected to tackle with the highest of effort. I learnt more during my term as College S.R.C. president.

Ungodly opportunities may come your way; it takes a very decisive leader to overcome them. You see, a leader must be focused and able to lead an exemplary life. If a leader is not able to manage his or her feelings, it spreads to the followers as a communicable disease. You then loose foci, become disoriented and you will also make a whole lot of mistakes.

Is it imperative that a student leader must not date? Take it from me that; “it is okay to be different”. Do not date because everyone is doing it. Do not date for pleasure. Do not date or engage in any romantic relationship when you are not matured for that. Why don’t you set the pace as a leader and then escape the consequences such as fornication and other sexual misconducts? It is very bad to see leaders with the opposite sex at an ungodly place within an ungodly hour. You will lose grip of your followers if you don’t manage this as soon as possible. Remember, I am speaking out of experience. Any leader who makes use of any ungodly opportunity becomes an ineffective leader before handing-over.

4. A leader who does not dignify his subordinates

Leadership goes with followership. It is very realistic. I keep on telling my followers that they are better than me in terms of everything, just that I have been opportuned to lead them. It may sound unreasonable but it is very factual.

A leader who thinks he can speak better, write better, negotiate better, or do any other thing better than his or her followers is an ineffective leader. Your followers will get bored and leave you alone to do all the dirty works for them. I see such people to be selfish and wanting to accrue good names for themselves. A victory won by one person is not a

victory but a nuisance, a victory won by many is what is considered VICTORY.

There are dozens of better aptitude for leading in your followers. If you give them the chance to nurse them, the aptitudes will grow and bear glorious fruits for your group. You have no idea what your followers can do unless you give them the chance to do them. Forget about the glory that will go to them. Allow them. Chinua Achebe said, “The one who holds another in the mud must remain in the mud to keep him down.” Literarily, it means that if you do not give your followers the chance to make names for themselves, you will continue to be at the same place without

moving forward and like I said earlier, you will continue to dwindle to the pit of failure and then hand-over as an ineffective leader.


Every leader needs to form a moral force or good character. Character is like a personal security system for your life. As Dr. Myles Munroe styled it, “Character is like preventive medicine – it keeps you morally healthy so that

you won’t develop maladies as a result of ethical “aws.”.



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