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The late Dr. Nyema Jones playing organ at the Church of the Ghanaian Community, 5500 S. Woodlawn Avenue, Chicago Illinois.

Memorial Mass for a Liberian Icon..The late Dr. Nyema Jones!

August 26 2017 Chicago IL : A memorial Mass celebrating the life of Dr. Alexander Emmanuel Nyema Jones, BSc., MSc., PhD., GBSA, was held at the Trinity Episcopal (Anglican) Church of Chicago, 125 E. 26th Street, Chicago IL 60616. The late Dr. Nyema Jones was the first Minister of Lands, Mines and Energy in Liberia. Until his retirement recently, his scholarly contributions were to the Chicago State University and Northwestern University as a visiting professor of Biology and Geology respectively. For many years he was the organist and music director for the Trinity Episcopal (Anglican) Church of Chicago and the Church of the Ghanaian Community of Chicago. The well attended Mass attracted people from all walks of life. Dr. Nyema Jones final words to his family and friends as told over the phone to his sister, Beatrix Helb were “Tell them I love them. Don’t forget anybody, my family, my friends; tell them I love them. Tell them I miss them. Take good care of each other.”
The lenses of were there to bring these images of the celebrations to you.

Dr. Nyema Jones ,we heard the news of your passing to Glory with heavy hearts! Members of the Ghana Community Church of Chicago miss you ! For years you were our organist ! You stood by us when others tried to lure you away with money! We were witnesses to the days you could hardly walk to church to play for us and to the glory of God ! Indeed the soul was willing to do God’s work but the body could not handle it anymore! Since your departure we have never been the same ! You left a vacuum that could not be filled ! Our services are without the melodious sounds from the organ ! Your character was impeccable, you were unassuming and down to earth ! Though you had an elegant resume as a former minister in the Tubman regime in Liberia years ago and a professor at the University of Chicago, you never brag with your personal achievements as others might do ! You had three portfolios, which were all ministerial positions in Liberia !
You had profound stories and pictures to back your stories about your visits to Ghana during the regime of the late Dr. Kwame Nkrumah of blessed memory! Rest in perfect peace pal ! It has been quite a good ride ! Hede nyui , na dzi dzor le nuti fafa me; yaa wor dzogban ; Da Yie ! By Reuben Hadzide

Mr. Gbaye…former Liberian Consul in Chicago.

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