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You May Choose To Eat Watermelon For Good Reasons

A scientific study in Texas shows that watermelon can have the same affect on humans, that Viagra does. Certain ingredients in watermelon, like lycopene and citrulline, relax the blood vessels like Viagra does.

Here’s another reason to enjoy cold, delicious watermelon this summer.

Scientists at Texas A&M University, say watermelon has the same effect on the human body, that Viagra does.

Among other healthful benefits, watermelon contains ingredients that relax the blood vessels, and increase the libido. These include lycopene, beta carotene, and citrulline, which act as natural enhancers to the human body. It’s the citrulline in the melon, that can do the trick. Unfortunately, most of the citrulline is found in the watermelon rind, and that’s not eaten too often. But scientists are working on a hybrid watermelon, where the fleshy part contains more citrulline.

Scientists are looking into the effect of Nitrates and Watermelon effects on the body.

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