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NCCE To Organize National Conversation On Values And Identity

A nation without values is better dead than alive.

In many countries values and identity define the actions, attitude and beliefs of citizens at large.

Ghana cannot lose her values at 60 years of her life. Values are crucial in a nation’s development hence the need to reclaim, revive and restore our Ghanaian identity and values as a people.

With this conviction the National Commission on Civic Education, (NCCE) is organizing a National conversation on our values and identity.

The Commission will on Wednesday, June 14, engage well meaning Ghanaians at the National Theatre to address issues pertaining to our values and identity.

Similar events will be replicated in some regions to engage Ghanaians at large in this exercise. The theme for this national conversation is ” Restoring The Ghanaian Identity: Our Values, Our Passion”.

Ghana is our only country and as citizens let’s not leave behind our values and identity to welcome non-Ghanaian values that put the nation and her citizens at risk.

The Vice President of the Republic of Ghana, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia will be the special guest at the National Theatre on Wednesday, 10am.


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