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Air-conditioning system at the new court complex in Accra has broken down

$50m Accra court complex’s AC breaks down


Citi News can report that the air-conditioning system at the new court complex in Accra has broken down.

This has created a difficult working environment, and could possibly affect the work of the court. The $50 million, Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT)-funded edifice, comprises 42 courtrooms, 10 land courts, 10 commercial courts, 6 criminal courts, 6 general jurisdiction courts, 3 divorce and matrimonial courts, 2 financial and economic courts, 2 human rights courts, 2 labour courts and a Probate and Administration court.

Located opposite the CEPS headquarters, on the High Street in Accra, it also houses banking facilities, a cafeteria, a 300-seater auditorium, a library, a business centre and a media centre, Press briefing room, Executive office for the Attorney General, and Police Prosecutor and a data centre among others.

Sadly, the air conditioners in this edifice have broken down, less than two years after inauguration. At the time of our visit to the 5-storey facility, the doors to the main entrance were opened up, as well as doors to offices and courtrooms, and the windows, ostensibly to allow free flow of fresh air.

People were either fanning themselves with pieces of paper or wiping sweat off their faces with their handkerchiefs. Court processes are gradually being affected by the discomfort created by the heat.

Curiously, the entire facility relies on this air-conditioning system for ventilation. It has no other source of ventilation. Citi News’ checks reveal the air-conditioning system to the 5-storyey facility broke down some two weeks ago. It was caused by power fluctuations, resulting in 63 out of the 81 motherboards blowing up.

According to sources, the installation of the air-conditioning system came without any automatic voltage regulator. Experts say the breakdown could have been avoided if the building design, or the contractors, had included the fixing of these AVRs.

Contractors of the facility, China State Hualong Limited, were in China to procure the variable refrigerant flow system to restore some comfort to the facility. Until their return, Judges, Lawyers and litigants would have to endure the discomfort for a little longer.

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