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How Do You Know This Is Love?

Everyone is looking for love but the sad truth is not everyone finds love; some find hate instead of love. Since the end of a relationship reveals the true character and intent of a person, one only gets to know it isn’t love at the end of the relationship.

This leaves a bad scar on the hearts of many and people are quick to jump into conclusions such as “all men/women are the same”, just because they fell for the wrong person. People find it difficult to love again, others find it impossible to trust again. Some are upset with themselves because they can’t believe the amazing person who came their way due to the past experience. So the question is how do you know this is love?

The truth is, this life is too short to live it in pains, regrets and disappointment. We need to smile once we still have our teeth in place. Love has the power to bring out that smile, it has the power to make you happy and it also has the power to make you shed tears when you fall for the wrong person.

Love is all about sharing; sharing of good times and the bad ones too. To find love is to find someone with whom to share your thoughts, feelings, ideas, visions, life. Someone to talk to, someone to hold hands with, someone to listen to, someone to encourage us, someone to bring out the best hidden in us. Love is not for the selfish but for the selfless.

Love doesn’t undermine; it is not love if they try to change you, fix you or enslave you; it isn’t love when you always have to compromise to have company, when you are always hurt, when they try to school you and when they cause you to sin against God and men.

Love doesn’t doubt; beware if you find someone who always doubts, mistrust and accuse you, always suspicions about everything you do, who tries to control you; one who decides who you talk to or smile with.

Love doesn’t always have to explain; it is not love if you find someone to whom you always have to explain why you did this or that, and give reasons behind your every action; someone who questions everything you do. The one who loves you understands you, sees things from your view, puts his or her feet in your shoes, can see tears behind your laughter and hear the words behind your silence.

The one who loves you doesn’t blame you, for love covers faults; they rather look for solutions. He or she is blind to your weakness and light to your darkness.

Love is about honesty, it is love when he or she doesn’t hide things from you; when they hold hands with you in the night, never leave or let go when you are frightened, and above all, grow old with you.

In conclusion “Put out of your life hate and lying. Do not pretend to be someone you are not. Do not always want something someone else has. Do not say bad things about other people” – 1 Peter 2:1 (NLV).

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