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Dr. Michael J.K. Bokor

Did Ex-President Mahama heed sound advice?


Within the context of current developments, we can reframe the above question as: Does ex-President Mahama really heed advice?

Otherwise, he has no business bouncing back to lead the NDC at Election 2020. As to who leads, no one can tell now. But we know that Nature abhors vacuum. Someone wil definitely step in to make the difference as far as the one not listening to advice isn’t in charge. Simplicita!!

Folks, when Akufo-Addo recently visited Manhyia Palace to share happy moments with the Asantehene at his climb to glory at the Flagstaff House, the Otumfuo made a damning revelation that ex-President Mahama disregarded his advice and paid the huge price for it at Election 2016. He didn’t elaborate, but discerning minds could tell what that advice was—a double-edged sword that was designed to cut both ways to glorify the maker of that advice.

Do you recall Mahama’s frequent visits to Manhyia and his dancing to the tune of “Yentie Obiara” with the Asantehene and how the NPP camp did politics with it? Or the fracas that occurred when both Akufo-Addo and Mahama showed up at Manhyia at the marking of an “Akwasidae” festival only for the security details of Mahama to be held culpable for the mess?

Or the news reports after the defeat of Mahama at Election 2016 that created the impression that Mahama didn’t heed advice and thus wrought his own defeat thereby? All that accounts for the concerns is in the public domain.

What has happened since December 7, 2016, has pushed Mahama to the wall. He has tried rebounding to create the impression that his defeat has a lot to do with factors that he might not alone be held accountable for. In the final analysis, though, he has been bold to attempt dousing the fire, claiming responsibility for it all.

But that admission of culpability isn’t what will re-position the NDC for a brighter future. We must be bold now to say that the battle ahead of the NDC cannot be successfully fought without answers being found to what Mahama contributed to the party’s resounding defeat at Election 2016.

Such answers go beyond a mere admission of liability by Mahama. They have to do with where he stands today and will be tomorrow as the party attempts redeeming itself to appeal to the electorate.

Those of us who have chosen to do the yeoman’s job of picking on pertinent issues to comment on as far as governance is concerned will be quick to isolate the current political ramifications of Mahama’s fate for serious comment in the hope that those discussing issues with us will place those issues in perspective to guide public discourse on the post-Election 2016 political developments for Ghana’s good.

I least expect that public discourse will be on whether Mahama will lead the NDC at Election 2020. And he has himself taken the first step to alert the NDC to the reality: that it is better to rebuild the party than wasting energy on determining whether he will lead the party at Election 2020 or not. A good angle.

Indeed, from what has happened so far, it is clear that Mahama has a lot stacked up against him from within his own NDC camp and beyond. He will be better off redeeming his image as to whether he is the kind to listen to advice or not. If he listens to advice, good. Otherwise, bad for him and the NDC. Interestingly, Ghana can do without either the NDC or NPP. If you doubt it, ask the British colonizers!!

Let’s be brazen here to say that the Asantehene has already painted him black as someone who hasn’t heeded advice to sustain his hold on power. We have had cause to fault him on that score too. What next?

We are aware of manipulations to get him to sup with Akufo-Addo, Rawlings, and Kufuor under the well-orchestrated plan to subject him to more public ridicule. We have seen through the façade and advised that he shouldn’t send himself and the NDC to the slaughter house of his political nemesis.

Will he listen to advice so he can save whatever is left of his reputation and the NDC? If he fails, we will come out with more material on what happened under his tenure, where some of his own appointees wrote him off as someone attempting to satisfy everybody but ending up annoying all. That’s not how a leader should function.

I am patiently waiting for Monday, April 17 to move a notch higher. At least, if for nothing at all, those of us who know what has happened in Ghana since we got exposed to national and local politics can make our voices heard to educate society.

That’s the essence of the yeoman’s job that we have chosen to do, regardless of any particular political colorization, which amounts to nothing in the end.

I (just like many of us commenting on happenings in Ghana from the diaspora) don’t live in Ghana and don’t have any means to fleece the system as the politicians and their surrogates resident in Ghana do.

All the same, we are full-blooded Ghanaians with a voice to register on national and local politics for as long as our family members and friends ask for support every now and then (as if life in other people’s land is a cozy ride to enormity). After all, home sweet home!! More after Monday, April 17.

Source : Michael Bokor

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