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Dzita residents complain of mysterious murders


Residents of Dzita and its environs in the Keta municipality of the Volta Region are living in fear following a tale of mysterious deaths in the area.

According them, between 2013 and 2017 over 10 residents including three children have been killed in the area with parts of their bodies missing.

The residents claim they found the mutilated bodies of the victims but never seem to know who the killers are.

A relative to one of the victims recounted how the body of his relative was found and has appealed to the police to bring those involved in the heinous crime to book.

“The police must do something about the situation to avoid any future occurrence as innocent lives are being lost almost every six months. This is making us live in fear” the relative lamented.

Dzita, Agbledomi and Anyanui, had, prior to the strings of murders, been very peaceful fishing and farming communities.

The residents stayed out late at night before retiring to their homes without entertaining any fear of being attacked.

Mr Kofi Kpedor, who is a retired educationist recounted how peaceful these communities were in the past.

“We used to stay peacefully those days. We could even spend most of the evenings without fear of being attacked by anyone but now, we are living in perpetual fear daily and it seems nothing is being done about our terrible situation” he lamented.

The residents are also appealing to the IGP to do something about their situation before more lives are lost.

They have also called on the authorities for street lights in the outskirts of the town where the miscreants normally dumb the bodies.

Interestingly, the police say they are unaware of happenings in the area.

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