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Vagina assault: Police pick up 20 suspects


Following the Valentine’s Day assault on an alleged female thief at Kejetia, police in the Ashanti regional capital have rounded up 20 persons for questioning, Adehye FM’s Elisha Adarkwa has reported.

According to him, the suspects were picked up on Tuesday February 21 at the Danyame lorry station in the central business district of Adum and are being interrogated at the Central Police Station.

The move comes just a day after Police Director of Public Affairs Superintendent Cephas Arthur promised that Police would identify and track down perpetrators of the act.

A crowd is said to have thronged the police station where they are being held, some of them relatives of the suspects who are frantically making efforts to secure bail for their family members arrested in connection with the incident which saw instant justice meted out to a young lady for allegedly stealing an amount of GHS1,100, at Kejetia, Kumasi, the Ashanti regional capital.

The lady was stripped naked, beaten, and paraded barefooted on the streets of Kejetia in Kumasi, the Ashanti regional capital, by a marauding crowd of men, who repeatedly pushed her down, forced her legs open for mobile phone pictures and videos to be taken of her vagina, while others violently inserted their toes into her orifice and spanked her buttocks simultaneously in a noisy melee.

Desperate pleas by the fair-skinned alleged lady thief, whose clothes were all torn off except for her red brassiere, did not deter her Twi-speaking accusers from unleashing instant justice on her.

The irate crowd slapped, shoved, pulled and pushed the lady in every direction while groping her private parts.

In a short video that captured the whole incident, the lady is seen falling motionless and unresponsive on the street at a point, but the crowd kept hitting her and forcing her legs open.

Intermittent shouts by one or two men, who pleaded on the lady’s behalf, did not help matters as the crowd kept violently slapping and kicking the alleged thief in the vagina.

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