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NPP Achievements: A Celebration in Chicago

The New Patriotic Party’s Chicago Chapter is planning a major celebration as part of the Dinner Dance scheduled for April 7, 2007. This momentous event, being held at the elegant Chateau Del Mar in Chicago, invites all NPP sympathizers across the U.S. to celebrate, among other achievements, Ghana’s 50th Indepen-dence anniversary, as well as the recent NPP massive victories in Adansi North (Fomena) and Nkoranza North (Nkoranza).

In light of this, the Chicago Chapter has also extended invitations to all NPP Presidential aspirants, as well as Party Executives in Ghana. The Executives of NPP North-America branch will be present, as NPP sympathizers will hear from the presidential aspirants and Party Executives.

In the last bye-election in Nkoranza, the NPP earned about 10,000 votes, with the major opposition party polling less than 6,000 votes. This is an impressive and remarkable feat, given that Nkoranza North was an NDC seat before 2004. Undoubtedly, this sweet victory is proof of the NPP government’s superb adminis-trative record.

As Ghanaians, we have been blessed to compare President Kufuor’s economic policies (which are gradually improving the nation’s economy, positioning it on the positive path to major future development and growth without the threat of inflation) with those of the previous government’s program of currency deprecia-tion, run-away interest rates of 57%, as well as a deplorable inflation of over 30%.

Under President Kufuor’s able leadership, however, Ghana has now resumed its worldwide “black-star” status, championing the formidable African war against anti-democratic, despotic, and dictatorial regimes. This is just one of the consequences of the sound political, social, and economic policies of President John Agyekum Kufuor. For the first time in decades, Ghanaians are now enjoying the benefits of a strategically-planned economy.

As a result of its well-planned attack on chronic poverty, the NPP government is systemically providing meaningful social and economic solutions to sustain the life of every Ghanaian. The average Ghanaian now has medical-health insurance. The youth can now turn to the Youth-Employment Program for jobs.

The Capitation Grant has provided Ghanaian children the opportunity to go to school and not be hungry or turned away for unpaid fees.

Indeed, the people of Ghana are enjoying the gradual gains our dear country is gradually achieving under President Kufuor. Clear testimonies to President Kufuor’s excellent administrative record are, to state just a few, the recent victories in Fomena and Nkoranza North. Those victories call for celebration, and the Chicago NPP Chapter has scheduled this timely celebration for April 7, 2007.

As NPP sympathizers, we should not allow the spiritual energy, momentum, motivation, and enthusiasm gained from those victories to dissipate. Fellow Ghanaians at home and abroad, let’s all be reminded that the major goal is 2008! Let’s continually keep our eyes on the grand prize! President Kufuor’s utmost desire is nothing short of a massive victory for the NPP in 2008. President Kufuor’s government of reason has provided Ghanaians the reason to vote for PARTY PAPA.

Come Let Us Celebrate the NPP, in Chicago, on April 7, 2007!!!

Source: Prince Osei-Bonsu,P.R.O NPP U.S.A and Kofi Amoabin

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