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The Ghanaian Catholic Community of Chicago at St. Ambrose 2016 Xmas Get Together.

Source: Dr Mark Kutame.

The Ghanaian Catholic Community of Chicago at St. Ambrose held its annual Christmas Party at the Parish school hall on December 26, 2016. The party was preceded with an advent Mass which started at 1.00 PM, attended by about 75 participants. Coincidentally, Christmas fell on a Sunday, December 25th.
In his homily, the parish priest, Fr. John Owusu-Achiaw called on the faithful to change their lives. Citing the birth of Jesus Christ and his baptism with the descent of the Holy Spirit on him which changed his life and started his mission to save mankind, he asked Christians to be introspective about their lives and rid themselves of those aspects of their lives that do not contribute to their salvation. He stated that for Jesus to live in our hearts, there was a need to cleanse our hearts and make room for him by eschewing all those negative tendencies that only lead us to sin and calling on Him to be present in our lives. He reminded the congregation about the humility of Jesus Christ in becoming man to save the world and imitating Him.
Following the Mass, the congregation assembled at the parish hall, beautifully decorated to match the occasion for the party. Preceded by blessing of the meal by the parish priest, those in attendance lined up to sample the different dishes, which included jollof, waakye, kenkey and tilapia, salad, koose, and khebab, among others. Various drinks including Heineken and Becks beer, red and white wine, Baileys Irish Cream, and Courvoisier cognac to meet the taste of everyone, and non-alcoholic drinks for the children and those with other preferences were in abundance. D.J. Prince rocked the hall with an excellent mix of festive season songs, contemporary, and dance hall tunes to which the merry crowd danced away in great spirit.
Among the dignitaries who graced the occasion were Togbe Addo (Regent of the Ewe Association of Chicago), Togbui Clement Timpo (Traditional Father of the Chief and former President of the Ghana National Council), Nana Antwi Diabour and Reuben Hadzide (former President of the Ghana National Council). In a Christmas message during the party, the Chairman of the Community Advisory Council, John Oteng-Mensah called on the community to be thankful to Almighty God for the many blessings he has bestowed on the community. He called on the community to make 2017 a year of the community staying together as one family. He stressed that it is the responsibility of everyone to be active in the community contributing to its various ministries in love, unity, and peace.
Following his short message, the Vice Chair of the Community, Dr. Mensah Kutame proposed a toast to the community. In his proposal, Dr. Kutame recalled the transition of the community from the St. Elizabeth Church to the present church at St. Ambrose three years previous. Despite several challenges, the community faithful has remained strong in their faith and also celebrated several triumphs, by the grace of God. He reminded the community that Jesus taught us humility in three ways: by taking the form of sinful human beings even though he is God and sinless; by allowing himself to be born to human beings, Mary and Joseph; and lastly by being born in a manger, not a palace as would be expected of a king. It is this form of humility that should guide the community in continuing to love and serve each other. He expressed the hope that in the coming year the community will continue to grow in faith. He concluded by invoking the motto of the community: St. Ambrose-One Faith; St. Ambrose-One Family; St. Ambrose-Pray for Us, to which all chanted and drank to a peaceful, love-filled united community.

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