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Southern Volta Association Members Wows Themselves in Maiden Xmas Get Together

Romeoville IL December 17 2016: Agbadza music, cheering and dancing revelers, traditional and authentic Ghanaian dishes, and show of ethnic pride combine to make the maiden get together of the Southern Volta Association, SVA, a must repeat event ! Members of SVA comes from the southern part of the Volta Region of Ghana and they are collectively known as Ewes . The Ewes from the south of Ghana are famous for the celebration of Hogbetsotso or Hogbeza , which depicts their mysterious and heroic migration from Notsie, Togo, sometime in the later part of the seventeenth century , Agbadza music and dancing amongst others. The potluck style get together had a lineup of large quantity of different brands of alcoholic beverages and food. These were more than the members present could consume! Highlights of the get together were when members showed off their skills in Agbadza dancing and during the nostalgic self-introduction period.

Interim President, Bebe Gikunu thanked members for attending the event. The President of the Ewe Association, Steve Dei was there to grace the occasion. Hilda Adjaho prayed for the success of the occasion and for the group. Donatus Kotogbor and the family were the hosts.

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