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2016 Ewe Association’s Xmas Party was a blowout !

Chicago IL December 10 2016: The first predicted 6 hour snow storm of this winter season started falling around 5 p.m and the much talked about party in town, the Ewe Association Xmas Dance, was supposed to start at 7 p.m . The few executives present at the Ukrainian Culture Center Banquet Hall had gloomy faces obviously unsure of what the turnout would be. The President, Steve Dei, said a prayer to the almighty Lord to save the situation ! By 830 p.m , the hall was still almost empty. What indeed God has blessed man cannot undo ! By 945 p.m however, the well decorated hall to fit the occasion, was almost full to capacity. Over three hundred revelers have streamed in! Not withstanding the bad weather prediction, Members of the Ghanaian community here showed up in large numbers to support the Ewe Association of Metropolitan Chicago. The President-elect of the Ghana National Council of Metropolitan Chicago, GNC, Mr. Paa Kwasi Sam was in attendance. So were Chiefs, Queen mothers and elders from the various community organizations! Beatrice Tayui and her family were also in attendance to grace the occasion! Besides the hosts, members of the Ewe Association, Wor Gbe Dzeke, the new organization in the community to join the GNC, were one of the largest groups in attendance ! No wonder when the popular music, Wor Gbe Dzeke, blasted off the speakers, the dance space in the hall was filled to its limits with both members of Wor Gbe Dzeke and others joyously dancing!

In a short speech, the President-elect of the GNC, Paa Kwasi Sam thanked the Ewe Association for organizing the Xmas dance for members of the community to come together and celebrate the season! He urged the community to unite because in unity lies strength . The president of the Ewe Association, Mr. Steve Dei also thanked members of the Ghanaian community present for the show of support ! He used the occasion to honor a few members of the Ewe Association for their hard work and dedication to the Association.They are, Beatrice Dumenu Ador, Elizabeth Gikunoo, Evelyn Adrah,Dr. Mark Kutame and Prince Eddie Alormele​.

Funds were raised at the event to help provide boreholes to communities in Ghana and Togo. The 10 borehole project at the cost of $1500 each will start in 2017. The first borehole will be constructed in memory of the late Togbe Venya I. The fundraising was not announced prior to the event

Deejays Odikro and Prince were just fantastic! Their selections match the taste of revelers as they danced all night long to the beautiful tunes!
The following sponsored the event. They are,Peki Union of North America ( PUNA) , Old Mawuli Students Union (OMSU),Ghanaian Professionals of North America (GPNA), and The lenses of sankofaonline were there to bring these images to you.

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