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HR Today: Elections – Employees civic responsibility

The sovereignty of every nation is in the hands of its citizens. It is therefore assumed that every worker in the country – be it employees in the private and public sectors are entitled to vote provided he/she is a registered voter. Some organisations do not allow its employees to participate in active partisan politics for many good reasons.

However, some institutions do not really bother their employees with what they do with their time outside of the working environment once it does not compromise their performance and put the company’s brand and goodwill in bad light.

It is however not advisable to be engaged in active partisan politics in the office setting, by either displaying party paraphernalia, discussing party activities in the office or during working hours. Every employee has the civic responsibility to exercise his/her franchise as enshrined in the 1992 constitution.

Management and Human Resource practitioners should ensure that there is a comprehensive policy on office politics and how to ensure strict compliance so we do not create unnecessary tension amongst employees. The nature of our politics in Ghana can be very acrimonious and personal which I believe we have all witnessed many of such incidences.

In as much as every registered voter is entreated to cast his or her ballot, we should kindly consider the below;

 Avoid spoiling your ballot paper with the ink
 Go to the polling station with your voters ID card
 Stand in queue patiently (if any) and wait for your turn
 Don’t go to the polling station in any political party apparel
 Don’t make noise at the polling station
 Leave the polling station after voting and only return after five PM when ballots are about to been counted
 Be patient when there is any difficulty with the biometric verification device
 Seek the necessary information if you are voting by proxy
 Don’t campaign on the election day
 Don’t attempt to vote with another body’s voters ID card
 Make sure the ballot paper has a serial number on it and is stamped by the EC officials
 Don’t drink alcohol when going to vote
 Please vote only once, again vote only once
 Don’t vote for any other person
 Don’t hand over your voters ID card to any EC official or political party agent

We should be guided to make the right choice, listen to all the aspirants, make time to read their manifestos and keep yourself updated on their many promises so we can all hold them accountable after the elections. Let us avoid violence and any act or deed that has the potential to spark violence and chaos. The decision we are about to take is about our future and the next generation and therefore we must make the right choice so the next generation would have no cause to blame us.

Our colleagues in the media (Journalist/Broadcasters) must be circumspect with their reportage as well as manage all politicians and other social commentators who will be speaking on their platforms as well as volunteers who will be reporting for them from the various polling stations across the country. Again employees who are active on social media must be measured in the kind of information they put out; that is not to encourage censorship in anyway.

All stakeholders must be reminded of the fact that we need peace and for that reason they must be fair in the discharge of their duties at all times so that their actions will not be perceived to be baise towards one group or the other.

In furtherance to all the above, employees should be mindful- their employers care so much about them and their families and therefore need them to act in accordance with the law. They should not get themselves involved in any election related violence. Employees are needed back in the office safe and sound so work can continue. Every Ghanaian must think of the nation first in any decision they take so we do not plunge this beautiful nation into distraction.

Always keep in mind that if the wise decides not to be part of the electoral process, the foolish once will decide for them. Stand up and be counted- get involved in the election process as we choose our leaders. Let us go to the polls and come out successful; may God be our guide.

By Bright Okyere| Twitter: hrtodayghana35 Facebook: hrtoday ghana | Email: | Whatsapp: 0244204664

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