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Mr. Steve Dei, President & President-elect of the Ewe Association.

Fante Benevolent Society, Asanteman and Ewe Associations elect new officers…updated

Source: Nana Marfo and RCH

Asantefuohene, Nana Addae Baffour and Asantefuohemaa , Ohemaa Abena Amponsah ,retained their positions for 4 more years.

Asantefuohene, Nana Addae Baffour and Asantefuohemaa Ohemaa Abena Amponsah retained their positions for 4 more years.

Chicago IL November 27 2016: The Asanteman Association of Chicago and the Midwest elected new officers for a 4-year term, beginning January 1 2017 through December 31 2021. Nana Addae Baffour, the current Asantefuohene of Chicago and President of the Association; and Sanaahene, Nana Yaw Owusu, were elected unopposed. The Queenmother, Ohemaa Abena Amponsah beat off a fair challenge by Nana Akosua Pomaa. Abena Amponsah garnered 51 votes whilst Nana Pomaa got 17 votes. There were 7 proxy votes.

The electoral commissioners were Nana Marfo, chairman; Sally Owusu and Joe Kyeremanteng.
Nana Baffour and Ohemaa Amponsah will appoint their sub-chiefs and deputies respectively.

Joseph Henry Baffoe retained for 3 more years!

Joseph Henry Baffoe retained for 3 more years!

In a short remark, Nana Addae Baffour, thanked members of the Association for reposing trust in him and promised to work with all.
Meanwhile the Ewe Association of Metropolitan Chicago overwhelmingly retained their President, Mr. Steve Dei. Steve stood unopposed in the elections held on November 20 2016. He got 21 votes out of 21 qualified members voting. Davidson Zigah got 21 votes to retain his position as treasurer of the Association. The popular and indefatigable Financial Secretary, Donatus Kotogbor, had 21 votes, thereby becoming the longest serving Financial Secretary of the Association.

In electing two candidates to represent the Ewe Association on the Ghana National Council of Metropolitan Chicago, GNC, Selassie Adorsu had 20 votes whilst Zigah Davidson got 17 yes votes and 3 no votes. One vote was disqualified. Sylvanous Dossou, will continue to represent the Association at the Council of Ewe Associations in North America, CEANA. Mr Dossou had 21 votes. The President of the Ewe Association, Steve Dei is an automatic representative of the Ewe Association at both GNC and CEANA by virtue of being elected President of the Association.They will all serve a three-year term beginning January 1 2017.

Steve Dei reappointed Mr. Phillip Senanuo as his Vice President and promised to be ready with the rest of his executives by the next general meeting of the Association for approval.

” As the chief servant of the Association,I will work with all members for the benefit of our great Association” Mr Dei promised the members of the Association in a short remark.

Late news reaching us indicate that the Fante Benevolent Society also had their elections on Sunday November 27 2017 . The entire executives headed by Joseph Baffoe were retained in office unopposed for three more years.

It must be noted that the Asanteman,Ewe and Fante Benevolent Society are amongst a few organizations in the Ghanaian community here that hold elections as required by their constitutions.

We at congratulate the leaderships and members of all three Associations for a peaceful and fair elections.

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