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Nana Addo’s bodyguard pointed gun at a police officer – Cephas Arthur

Police Spokesperson Superintendent Cephas Arthur has disclosed that a bodyguard of the NPP flagbearer pointed a gun at a police officer during the melee that ensued in front of Nana Akufo-Addo’s house Sunday afternoon.

Supporters of the ruling party who were on a health walk clashed with the bodyguards, after the two groups hurled insults at each other.

The chaos escalated resulting in gunshots and pelting of stones among the irate followers.

The police however moved in swiftly to restore order and to prevent further degeneration.

Both the NDC and NPP have accused each other of provoking the attacks.

Speaking to Nii Arday Clegg on the Morning Starr Monday, the police spokesman said the situation could have gotten out of hands if the police had not been tactical and spontaneous with their response.

“One of the guards later gave a warning shot after pointing the gun at the Police Commander. The police officer however exercised a level of restrain else we will be telling a different story today,” he said, adding, the incident is being investigated and offenders will be prosecuted.

He however debunked claims that the NDC supporters were converging at the Nima Police station for their health walk.

“The Nima police station will not be a converging point. I was told the supporters were passing through. No police commander will allow a political party to use his police station as a meeting point”.

Source:Ghana/ Danso Acheampong

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