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UNCOVERED: From ice-water seller to water treatment expert

Naashika Quaye on the field

Once a ‘pure’ water seller on the streets of Accra, Victoria Naashika Quaye, narrates to Naa Ashorkor, how she rose to become the founder and CEO of Naaviq Business Solutions.

Naashika told Naa Ashorkor on The Zone that she started by selling ice-water on the streets of Kaneshie, First Light to be precise until after her education at the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ).

“As a child I started selling water on the street and everything about me was water. After I acquired a diploma in Communication Studies from 2004 to 2006 from the Ghana Institute of Journalism, I also read business management and human resource at University of Professional Studies. Then there was an institution from the United States of America who came to Ghana to train individuals in water treatment and then I decided to utilise it by starting up Naaviq Business Solutions, it was something that I was passionate about,” she said on Uncovered .

Naa Ashorkor with Naashika Quaye in Starr FM studio

She established a company in the field of water treatment professionals where she worked for 12 good years as General/Operations manager as well as customer care relations.

Naa was assigned as head of the water supply department as well. The production and sales of dispenser mineral water was entrusted in her care based on how effectively she carried out her duties.

NaaviQ Business Solutions, a year-old company drills bole holes, treats water, trains the young in society to become water treatment experts and ambassadors for the environment.

“When I started NaaviQ, I had no startup capital but with recommendation from friends and families and the execution of great professionalism with my work I landed myself a lot of deals. If you don’t have support from family and friends it is very difficult, it is very paramount in every business.”

Naashika is a member of Water Quality Assurance Foundation and also an active member of the Ghana Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Naashika Quaye

“Uncovered” is a segment on Starr FM’s mid- morning show ‘The Zone’ hosted by Naa Ashorkor. It features new talents such as Musicians, Entrepreneurs, Photographers, Poets, App developers, Animators, among others. “Uncovered” intends to unearth young talents or individuals who are not popular, but doing something worth noting.

Attached is the full interview with Naa Ashorkor:

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