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Dr. Paa Kwesi Nduom

Nduom breaks silence on disqualification


The Progressive People’s Party (PPP), Flagbearer, Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom, is calling on the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission (EC) to grant him 5 minutes of her time over the decision to disqualify him and 12 others from contesting in this year’s presidential elections.

Addressing the press at the party’s Head Office in Accra, a day after the EC announced the outcome of the vetting that left only four candidates qualified, Dr. Nduom said he will go to court by close of day on Thursday; if he does not hear favourably from the Electoral Commission on the matter.

Read his full statement below

I am sorry that I have to stand in front of you, today, the second day of the three day mourning period the Progressive People’s Party (PPP) is observing in memory of a senior member of our Party, Madam Eva Lokko. May we observe a one minute silence as a sign of respect and recognition for the contributions she made to the development of the PPP to become a formidable political party in Ghana.

I am certain you all to know that I love this country. I respect the law and believe in law and order. I respect the authority of those appointed to oversee our young democracy.

I respect the decisions of the Electoral Commission (EC) and its Chairperson, Mrs. Charlotte Osei. I must also say that It is important that we the political parties and independents who are key players and customers of the Electoral Commission are able to interact, communicate and establish a mutually productive relationship.

In a democracy that is still under development, we must always create a win-win situation between those in authority of any type and those whose activities they are put there to supervise.

I do not know Mrs. Charlotte Osei personally in any capacity. So there cannot be a negative or positive personal matter between her and me.

The Progressive People’s Party (PPP) has over the years since its formation consistently called for the EC as an institution to be strengthened so that it can enforce the Political Parties Law, Act 574 OF THE PARLIAMENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF GHANA ENTITLED THE POLITICAL PARTIES ACT, 2000 (AN ACT to revise the statute on political parties to bring the provisions in conformity with the Constitution and to provide for related matters. DATE OF ASSENT: 23rd February, 2000).

When we disagreed with the results put against the PPP’s name after the 2012 elections, we just wrote a letter detailing the problems we experienced and made suggestions to make the process better.

To the urgent and immediate purpose of this afternoon. I am here to call on the Electoral Commission (EC) specifically the Returning Officer for the Presidential Election who happens to be the Chairperson of the EC to allow the opportunity to meet with me to rectify any anomaly identified in the nomination papers amicably.

I have had a full discussion with my lawyers and we have reviewed the document we filed, which was just given to us today. With all due respect we believe that the issue here is not a matter of fraud, but an administrative or clerical matter that can be rectified quite simply.

Based on the evidence I have with me right now, a five minute discussion with Mrs. Charlotte Osei, will result in me being cleared to contest this December 7, 2016 election as a Presidential Candidate. And I am confident that once I am on the ballot, I will become the next President of the Republic of Ghana.

I understand that Mrs. Osei is not in Accra, so through this medium, I am asking the Chairperson of the EC and the Returning Officer to let me know if by the end of this Thursday we can meet and deal with matter positively.
My lawyers agree that there is another option, one that I Papa Kwesi Nduom do not want. I in no way want to disrupt the electoral process that is underway in the country and cause uncertainty.

However, if we cannot solve this matter simply, administratively, then we will take the legal route and go to court to seek satisfaction so that I can be on the ballot. So Mrs. Osei, I am only asking, let’s meet and put this matter behind. All I need is five minutes to prove that what we have is a simple administrative issue.

Finally, to all our Parliamentary Candidates – I am asking you to take your anger, your disappointment, your pain and to focus it on your campaigns. I am with you every step of way.

I am with you on your ballots and will celebrate with you when you win. Let’s show everyone what PPP can do. No one can kill our love for this country and our determination to move this country forward.

PPP Y’asor!

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