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Ghanaians are worst off today – Rawlings

Former president Flt Lt. JJ Rawlings believes Ghanaians are worst off today than times past.

According to him, during his era there were policies and interventions formulated to transform the lives of Ghanaians, but today’s leaders have failed the people.

“We are worst today than we were before,” Rawlings told a delegation from the Association of Cuban Trained Ghanaian Professionals at his residence Tuesday.

“You know we did our bit from the 80s. In 1979, we had no choice; people were angry and it was a time of rage. We had to handover but then we had to come back again in 81 or 82. We could have stayed on for another eight or sixteen just to work to consolidate situations very well and proper.

“And I made a suggestion to my colleagues that considering that people are becoming saturated with us or with me, let me let Justice Annan takeover and I can be his number 2 or step aside. He can serve four years or eight years then I could come back; and that will be sixteen years of consolidation because what we had noticed was that his characters will destroy anything and everything so let’s not allow it.”

He added: “Some of my comrades said no and that it’s never been done before. Is that not what Putin did recently? We would have been the first to do it here. That would have helped to consolidate because quite often we make reference to institutions but the institutions rely on the human factor and if those human entities are not bold enough to defy that which is wrong, that institution will be weak; am I lying?”

So-called Nkrumahists are criminals
He also took a jab at politicians branding themselves as Nkrumahists, describing them as “criminals.”

“Can you believe that those of us, we don’t even regard ourselves as Nkrumahists. Those who call themselves Nkrumahists are the worst offenders; criminals. From Mills till now, not even one single policy resembles anything Nkrumah stood for or believed in.”

Source: Ghana/ Mensah

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