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B/A: Robbers shoot dead Apostolic Pastor & Elder

The Sene east District Head Pastor of the Apostolic church of Ghana and one of his church elders have been shot dead by suspected robbers.

The two, Pastor Saki and Elder Ampah were killed Sunday morning on the Atebubu-Kumasi highway. It is unclear where they were traveling to.

A victim who escaped death in the attack told the media the robbers accosted them on the highway and ordered them to stop their vehicles.

“They suddenly emerged from the bush and started shooting at vehicles that refused to stop. And when I stopped my car, they asked me to lie down and close my eyes and they took my money, about GHC250.00 from my pocket. As for the pastor and his elder they just shot at them before asking them to stop.

“I could identify at least two Fulanis and one twi speaking guy, who I believe is an Akan,” he recounted.

The sene District head of operations of Police ASP George Antwi Tano has confirmed the story to the media.

The bodies of the deceased have been taken to the Atebubu Government hospital for autopsy.


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