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The author: Priscilla Kuukua Akonor

Wardrobe Series: Scooping fire

Nii drove me home at 10:00 pm.
Like he always did, before we parted ways, he held my hand in his and said “my Diamond, I love you, will always love you, and I can’t stop loving you….
“Good night and God bless you.”

This time around when he said it, there were tears in my eyes….
“I love you too my Treasure, you are my world,” I responded.

Nii made sure I entered the house before he drove off….
Efia was fast asleep by the time I got home.
I went to her room, turned off the light and went to my room.
I rushed to take my shower and then tried my wedding dress on……
I screamed in delight at the sight of it….
I looked so gorgeous in it…..
I couldn’t wait for the wedding. …
Walking hand in hand down the aisle with my Nii.
And the moment where the Pastor says “you may now kiss your bride.”
Oh yes!! That’s what I was thinking about….
Then the honeymoon….

My reverie was interrupted by Efia who rushed into my room…
My scream actually woke her up from sleep.
When she saw me, she was both awe-stricken and upset at me.
“Ah sister Adwoa, how could you scream like that, you scared me.”
Then she now shifted her attention to my gown…
“Oh my God, you look damn gorgeous ooo, wow… I pray I also get found by a man like bro. Nii who will buy me such a nice gown.”
I smiled at her…..
“Sure you will Efia”, I said.

I slept like a baby that night; a luxury I have not enjoyed in weeks….
Nii surely is the man of my dreams……..
In the days that followed, I avoided Paa completely… his calls and his messages…..
In a day, he could send me countless messages….. “Adwoa dear how are you” “Adwoa when can I see you, you know I miss you” “Adwoa I miss you ooohh” “Adwoa I’m scared to say this but I still love you” “Adwoa what have you done to me, I can’t take my mind off you”….
I replied none of his messages….
I deleted them as they came because I was scared Nii may chance upon them…….
As the days went by, Paa seemed to have understood my body language and stopped bothering me.

I still had not told Nii about Paa, I thought it was no longer necessary as I had everything under control. I got a phone call late one afternoon. It was Paa..
Since we had not spoken in a while, I picked up the call…
He called to inform me that his mother’s funeral was two weeks away in Takoradi. He said he would make arrangements for my accommodation for the wake – keeping on the Friday through to the Sunday’s thanksgiving service.
For old times sake and also because of the relationship I had with his mum, I decided to go for the funeral… Now the problem was what to tell Nii Noi.

After much thinking, I told him that there was a funeral I had to attend in Takoradi… a childhood friend’s mum…. Nii didn’t ask any further questions; that was the extent to which he trusted me.

On the day for the wake – keeping, he drove me to the STC yard and kept me company until the bus took off. I got to Takoradi at about 7:00 pm and was escorted by Paa to the hotel. The weekend was quite a tough one for Paa, I had to be around him almost all the time to offer him emotional support.

I was surprised his girlfriend didn’t turn up for the funeral. When I queried him, he said she had travelled out of the country…. Unfortunately for me, some of his family members actually thought I was Paakow’s girlfriend…..and even though his siblings told them I was not, they didn’t believe it.

On the Sunday, Paa accompanied me to the hotel after the thanksgiving service.
I expected him to say goodbye at the door and leave… but he begged me to let him in for a while… I reluctantly did. He entered into my room and since there was no chair in the room, he sat on the bed.

He was so tired and so was I. ….
Before I knew it I dozed off…. how long I slept, I do not know…..
I felt someone was caressing my cheek….initially I thought I was dreaming, until I opened my eyes. …
There he was, on the bed with me….so close that there was no space between us for air to pass through…
I was alarmed…..and didn’t know what to do….whether to shout or to slap him…
I tried to speak, but he hushed me by placing his finger on my lips…”ssshhhhh” he said, and wrapped his arms about me… I tried to let go off his grip but he wouldn’t let me, so I lay there like a piece of log…

He kept staring and I tried to look away….. but that didn’t deter him…. I was by the wall and he was too close that it was impossible to get up if he didn’t do so…
Before I could say jack, our lips were locked together in a lingering kiss…..then we began fondling… the sense of urgency to rip each other’s clothing apart was irresistible….. “mmmmmmmmmm I moaned in ecstasy”
“My head was spinning and my heart beating so fast I thought it was going to explode….
And everything was happening so fast…
“Adwoa stop it”…. “No Adwoa, enjoy it”
I was struggling in my thoughts ……
My eyes were closed….. I felt so helpless and vulnerable in Paa’s arms…..and every fibre of my being wanted him….
Then all of a sudden, I don’t know where I gathered strength from or where my sanity came from… I forcefully freed myself from Paa’s grip. …..shabbily wore my dress and said
“Paa I can’t do this”…
“I closed this chapter long ago and I don’t want to look back…
And I so much love Nii….I can’t do this wicked thing against God and Nii”…..
“Please, get out of my room”
He thought it was a joke…
Then I screamed “I said get out of my room”…..

I opened the door ajar waiting for him to step out….
Paa looked at me in disbelief, with shame and regret written all over his face….
“Adwoa, I will leave….but before I do so let me make a confession to you….”
I didn’t know if I heard him well….. he repeated it again…
I just shrugged ….and kept standing by the door, just waiting for him to finish saying what he wanted to and then see him out of my life for good…
“Adwoa, please forgive me,” he began…
“I am not worthy of your attention or of your love… I didn’t mean to take advantage of you.. I’m just consumed by the love I have for you…. Ours was a beautiful relationship made in heaven, until I allowed the devil, through my friends to deceive me”….
“I made up the story behind our break up.
“No man of God ever said it was abominable to be in a relationship with you”…
“What!!”, I screamed. ..
“Yes it’s true” Paakow repeated.
“Oh my God”…. I said in bewilderment.

I couldn’t believe what my ears were hearing…..
“I only got to know I had made the biggest mistake of my life after I let you go”….
“What did I do wrong? I asked
“Adwoa. …hmmm…. you did nothing wrong… in fact the only wrong thing you did was loving someone like me who trampled your love under my foot.”

“You know, I couldn’t understand why in this day and age you would insist on no sex before marriage, even after my persistent demands…..
“So I continuously complained to my friends who told me that it’s not possible for any woman to refuse sex to such a nice guy like me and that you had someone who was your sex partner…..”
“They told me that their girlfriends who were also Christians had no qualms about sex….and that anytime they needed it, they readily provided it….
“Mark even told me that though he had not had “real” sex with Martha, they kissed and fondled and did other things to satisfy their desires since they were not ready for the real deal…”
“So I couldn’t understand why you insisted on no sex….no kissing… no sleeping over……no long and tight hugs….. and all….
“It’s true that you finally gave in, reluctantly when you couldn’t take the pressure any more….and you were upset with me for days because I broke your virginity…….
“And you forced me to promise to “no sex until after marriage”….but deep down I knew it wasn’t a promise I could faithfully stand by…….but because I didn’t want to lose you, I agreed…”
“But the desire for sex grew stronger and stronger the more I heard my friends talk about their sexual escapades…
“Then one day I went to a party with the guys…that was where I met Mina…..”

“Can a man scoop fire into his lap without his clothes being burned?……
Flee the evil desires of youth and pursue righteousness…..”

Wardrobe series continues next week. ….

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By: Priscilla Kuukua Akonor | Facebook: @Sister Sister

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