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Christians Mark Resurrection Of Jesus Christ With Church Service

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Easter Sunday recalls the day when Jesus’ followers discovered that his tomb was empty.

It is the most important and joyful day of the Christian year. Jubilant music is performed, and flowers and banners fill the churches with colour.

The centuries-old cry, ‘Alleluia! Christ is risen!’ is met with the response, ‘He is risen indeed. Alleluia!’
In the first Christian centuries Easter Sunday was the day on which new converts to Christianity were baptised.

This tradition continues in some places. More recent, but popular, ways of celebrating include Easter vigils late on Saturday night, which begin in darkness and culminate in the lighting of a fire in the early hours of Easter morning.

Since the 18th century there has been a tradition of gathering on the highest local hill for a service of praise to God as the sun rises.

At the Atonsu Agogo Circuit Superintendent Minister of the Methodist Church, Very Reverend Frederick Mensah has observed that even though God has sacrificed Jesus Christ to redeem man from the bondage of Satan, some people are still under the control of the evil one through devious schemes.

According to Very Rev. Mensah, some self-seeking Ministers of the Gospel have adopted certain strategies to take dominion over the lives and tormenting their followers as a result of ignorance.

The Circuit Superintendent Minister was preaching at the Emmanuel Methodist Church at Atonsu in Kumasi to mark the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Among the commonalities of the church services was that the various church auditoriums were filled to capacity with tents raised outside the main auditoriums for some of the members including occasional worshipers to also take part in the Resurrection Sunday.

Another common characteristic of the church services at all the congregations visited was the dominance of the colour black and white won by the worshipers who were all in a frenzy mood in celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.

They sang and danced to songs of praises amidst the occasional waving of white handkerchiefs in jubilation.

At the Ramseyer Memorial Presby Church at Adum, the presence of police personnel to protect the worshipers against external aggression was obvious.

The Kumasi District Minister of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Reverend Moses Opoku Agyemang, explained that the resurrection of Christ from the dead after three days should be enough proof of the divinity of Jesus Christ.

According to Him, it now behoves all Christians to obey the great commission of Christ to evangelise to help redeem those who are yet to accept Jesus as their personal saviour.

At the Emmanuel Methodist Church at Atonsu, the Circuit Superintendent Minister, Very Reverend Frederick Mensah, used video presentation of some of the deceitful and inhumane strategies self-seeking Ministers of the Gospel are adopting to control and sway their followers.

The video presentation was to demonstrate to members of the Methodist church that even though God has sacrificed Jesus Christ to reclaim man from bondage, some people are still under the control of Satan.

Very Reverend Mensah asked Christians to always walk closely with God and abstain from anything unholy.

At Anwomaso near Kumasi, members of the Ayigya, Kentinkrono and Fumesua districts of the Church of Pentecost which together constitute the Fumesua Zone of the Church held a Church service to climax their four-day Easter Convention on the theme: ‘The Risen Christ’.

In a sermon, the Ayigya District Pastor of the Church, Pastor Emmanuel Domonic Annor reminded Christians of their mandate to live righteous lives.

For this reason, Pastor Annor urged Ghanaian Christian voters to use their own conscience to vote for their preferred candidates in this year’s Presidential and Parliamentary elections.

They should resist any politician who will try to use dubious tricks to win votes.


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