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Government of Pakistan will not pursue treason charges against Musharraf—Statement by the Office of General Pervez Musharraf.

Facebook wall post of General Musharraf.
April 22nd, 2013: Dr. Raza Bokhari, International Spokesman and North American Point of Contact to General Per…vez Musharraf, Former President of Pakistan and Chief of All Pakistan Muslim League (APML), in speaking to various media outlets issued the following statement: We are glad to learn that the Government of Pakistan followed the Rule of Law and determined not to pursue unlawful treason charges against Former President Musharraf. It is important to remember that the Federation of Pakistan is not an aggrieved party in the declaration of State of Emergency in Pakistan on November 3rd, 2007.
The Emergency was proclaimed on the request of the Government of Pakistan, both at the Federal and Provincial level. The text of the November 3rd Emergency Proclamation reflects that the Prime Minister, Governors of all four provinces, Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, Chiefs of the Armed Forces, Vice-Chief of Army Staff and Corps Commanders of the Pakistan Army had deliberated on the challenges facing the country at that time & recommended to proclaim Emergency throughout Pakistan.
We also expect that the segment of the Judiciary in Pakistan that is pursuing a malicious personal vendetta against Former President Musharraf will cease & withdraw all false allegations & accusations. It is a travesty that General Musharraf, who at one time led the Global War against Terrorism, still remains a strong voice against terrorism on the world stage, has survived 11 terrorist attempts on his life and is currently facing specific and credible terrorist threats, is being charged as a perpetuator of terrorism against Pakistan Judges that were allegedly detained in 2007. The allegations leveled against the Former President in the Judges detention case are false and politically motivated. The alleged offense is bailable and the trial court must conform to the Rule of Law and precedence and provide immediate relief.
These pre-meditated acts by segments of malicious judiciary, unscrupulous lawyers and fictitious petitioners are a blatant attempt to deny the People of Pakistan the option to consider choosing Former President Musharraf as their elected leader in the upcoming elections.
The coordinated manner in which liberal and progressive voices are being muzzled in Pakistan should alert the world; the stage is being set in the upcoming elections in Pakistan, through a combined effort of judicial activism and militant threat, to propel right leaning political parties, which are sympathetic to Taliban and vicious extremist organizations, to win the elections.
If this is not true, then why is it that out of more than 23000 candidates that received nominations to participate in the upcoming elections, General Pervez Musharraf is the ONLY candidate whose candidacy was accepted by the Election Commission Returning Officer in Chitral (NA-32), but was subsequently rejected by the Election Tribunal in Peshawar High Court, based on the unlawful presumption of guilt. The Leaders of the Free World must act immediately to stop this farce.

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