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Ghana at a Glance

Ghana’s Political History From 1957

Political highlights

1957 – independence, Nkrumah of CPP is PM
1960 – declared republic, one party system, presidential system-Nkrumah
1966 – military overthrow of 1st republic-Gen. Ankrah ( Kotoka and Afrifa were main architects)
1969 – 2nd republic, Busia of PP is PM
1972 – military overthrow of 2nd republic-Gen. I.K Acheampong
1978 – palace coup to restructure military government- Gen. Akkufo
1979 – junior officer uprising and military housecleaning-JJ Rawlings
1979 – ushered third republic, Limann of PNP is President
1981 – overthrow of the constitutional PNP gov’t by the PNDC military junta-JJ Rawlings
1983 – Attempted overthrow of the PNDC junta by other junior army men
1992 – Rawlings of NDC is Dem elected as President
1996 – Rawlings of NDC is re-elected
2001 – Kuffour (NPP) is President
2005 – Kufuor begins second-term in office
2009 – John Evans Atta Mills (NDC) is President
2012 – John Dramani Mahama (NDC) is sworn in as President following death of President Mills
2013 – John Dramani Mahama (NDC) is sworn in as President after winning the 2012 general elections

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