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WAEC stops Yankah from delivering ‘political lecture’

Prof. Kwesi Yankah

The West African Examination Council (WAEC) has changed its main speaker for an upcoming public lecture following a theme chosen by the original guest speaker, Professor Kwesi Yankah.

The lecture which was to commemorate the annual WAEC endowment fund was scheduled for Monday, March 14.

Professor Yankah who had been invited to address the forum chose to speak on “ The three-year-four-year pendulum; towards a stable public policy on senior high school education in Ghana”.

But in a response to the topic chosen by the President of the Central University College, WAEC said: “While admitting that the subject falls within the broad themes suggested by the WAEC endowment fund, we are minded to observe that it has the potential of generating political controversy, especially in an election year such as 2016”.

“The council supports the exchange of scholarly ideas and works without any fetters. However, it recognises the tendency to be drawn into a political debate, which it strives to avoid in order to remain professional and not be distracted from executing its core mandate,” the statement signed by E.K Myers, deputy registrar of WAEC and intercepted by said.

It concluded: “We would therefore advise that your lecture be put on hold and save for another occasion when the season is right”.

Subsequently, the West African body has advertised a new speaker for the occassion in the person of Professor Jonathan A. Fletcher, dean of faculty of Education, university of Ghana.




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