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Pres. Mahama @ the late Bantamahene’s Funeral-pictures

The Bantamahene kicked the bucket in January this year, after a short illness and will be buried later in the night in line with tradition. The late Bantamahene was the traditional warlord of the Asantehene. He ascended to the throne in 2002 after the death of the former chief.
President John Dramani Mahama and Presidential Candidate of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), Nana Akufo-Addo, are in Bantama in the Ashanti Region, to pay their last respect to the late Chief of the town, Baffuor Asare Owusu Amankwatia V.
Also in attendance is the Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II. President John Mahama donated GHc20,000 and assorted drinks towards the funeral.

01-mahama @ bantamahene funeral

02-mahama @ bantamahene funeral-001

03-mahama @ bantamahene funeral-002

04-mahama @ bantamahene funeral-003

05-mahama @ bantamahene funeral-004

06-mahama @ bantamahene funeral-005

07-mahama @ bantamahene funeral-006

08-mahama @ bantamahene funeral-007

09-mahama @ bantamahene funeral-008

10-mahama @ bantamahene funeral-009

11-mahama @ bantamahene funeral-010

12-mahama @ bantamahene funeral-011

13-mahama @ bantamahene funeral-012

14-mahama @ bantamahene funeral-013

15-mahama @ bantamahene funeral-014

16-mahama @ bantamahene funeral-015

17-mahama @ bantamahene funeral-016

18-mahama @ bantamahene funeral-017

19-mahama @ bantamahene funeral-018

20-mahama @ bantamahene funeral-019

21-mahama @ bantamahene funeral-020

22-mahama @ bantamahene funeral-021

23-mahama @ bantamahene funeral-022

24-mahama @ bantamahene funeral-023

25-mahama @ bantamahene funeral-024

26-mahama @ bantamahene funeral-025

27-mahama @ bantamahene funeral-026

28-mahama @ bantamahene funeral-027

29-mahama @ bantamahene funeral-028

30-mahama @ bantamahene funeral-029

31-mahama @ bantamahene funeral-030

32-mahama @ bantamahene funeral-031

33-mahama @ bantamahene funeral-032

34-mahama @ bantamahene funeral-033

35-mahama @ bantamahene funeral-034

36-mahama @ bantamahene funeral-035

37-mahama @ bantamahene funeral-036

38-mahama @ bantamahene funeral-037

39-mahama @ bantamahene funeral-038

40-mahama @ bantamahene funeral-039

41-mahama @ bantamahene funeral-040

42-mahama @ bantamahene funeral-041

43-mahama @ bantamahene funeral-042

44-mahama @ bantamahene funeral-043

45-mahama @ bantamahene funeral-044

46-mahama @ bantamahene funeral-045

47-mahama @ bantamahene funeral-046

48-mahama @ bantamahene funeral-047

49-mahama @ bantamahene funeral-048

50-mahama @ bantamahene funeral-049

51-mahama @ bantamahene funeral-050

52-mahama @ bantamahene funeral-051

53-mahama @ bantamahene funeral-052

54-mahama @ bantamahene funeral-053

55-mahama @ bantamahene funeral-054

57-mahama @ bantamahene funeral-056Pres. Mahama @ the late Bantamahene’s Funeral

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