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One dead, 2 hospitalized after eating ‘poisoned goat soup’


A 21 year old man has died at Nyinahin Mpumah in Ashanti Religion after allegedly eating poisoned goat soup.

Two other friends who ate the same meal have been left hospitalized.

The deceased, Kwasi Owusu, 21, and his friends had reportedly stolen the delicacy prepared by the mother of one of the two friends.

Nana Adjei Sikapa who was reporting for Adom News, said the soup had been poisoned by the woman ostensibly to punish people she suspects had been stealing meat from her soup.

She chose no other day than Christmas day to carry out her diabolic plot to catch the suspects. According to Sikapa, the woman who is currently on the run, allegedly poisoned the goat soup she had prepared on Christmas day and kept it in her kitchen.

The three friends suffered stomach upset after eating the meat in the soup. They were then rushed to Nyinahini Government Hospital for treatment by residents who heard them scream. Kwasi Owusu died subsequently.

The two others, whose names are yet to be given by the police were later transferred to Okonfo Anokye Teaching hospital.

According to Sikapa, reporters were initially informed that the boys had eaten a dead goat. “It was only after one of them died that a resident hinted that they had been poisoned.

Atwima Mponuah District Crime officer, Thomas Freeman Asante says the two are responding to treatment. He added that the police are currently looking for the suspect.

Residents of Nyinahini have expressed shock at the conduct of the woman.

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